The best brunch spots to show your parents when they visit the Toon

Time to rinse the bank of Mum and Dad x


Your parents visiting you is a very special occasion. Now’s the time to complain about the hardships of student life, gain their sympathy and then bleed them dry at the best brunch spots in town.

Jam Jar

BOGOF brunch on a Friday, who could resist? Undoubtedly one of the best brunch deals in town, this is a great option if you feel too guilty to make your parents spend more on one meal than you would in a week.

The menu provides staple brunch options  – think full English, Eggs Benedict, avocado toast and more. Jam Jar is located in the heart of Jesmond: Osbourne Road, giving your parents the perfect opportunity to live the hot-girl Jesmond lifestyle.


An incredibly popular choice tucked away on a sidestreet in Central Newcastle, this bar, restaurant and Café dishes up classic brunch items with a twist. Horticulture is the ultimate place to combine food and cocktails (without delving into the dangerous territory of bottomless brunch), serving their brunch menu until 3pm. Their clean-cut aesthetic, locally sourced ingredients, and friendly staff will impress your parents.


Located in an old church building, 1901 offers a laid-back vibe for you to lie through your teeth about all the wholesome activities you’ve been up to at uni. Providing a variety of all-day breakfast options and unreal cakes, it’s a Jesmond must-visit.

Little Aidan’s/Aidan’s Kitchen

This is the place to go for egg lovers. Aidan’s Kitchen excellently combines eggs with a range of cuisines. Serving up quality ingredients and big portions, Aidan’s Kitchen will sort you out if you’re dying for a hearty meal. It may not make up for months of malnutrition, but it can try.

The Dispensary

I will pre-warn you: your parents will probably be very proud of themselves when they describe the food here as “instagramable” – but it really is. If sweet food is your thing, or you want to switch up the typical brunch experience, look no further. Having a very creative approach to brunch, eating at The Dispensary really is a whole experience (especially if you’re a science student).

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