Five types of people you’ll meet in Newcastle during Freshers’ Week

Watch out for the tories x


Freshers’ Week is hyped up as one of the most important weeks of your university experience. You’re going out practically every night with people you’ve known for five minutes and expected to get on with it. Despite being very intimidating, this is a stellar opportunity to bond with your flatmates and make lifelong friendships at pres.

1. The lad with no chat

More than likely a rugby boy, he’s freshly single and ready to pounce on every girl he sees. Although he had a long-term relationship prior to uni, he tells people that he got bored and binned her off to be a “top shagger”, when in reality he was the dumpee.

This lad will do absolutely everything in his power to get a girl in his bed before Freshers’ Week ends to claim the ultimate title of a “stud” to inflate his ego larger than his biceps.

2. The person who arselicks Loosedays

Even before you move to uni, one person in the group always frantically asks about the Freshers’ wristbands. I for one, fell victim to the peer pressure of these disguised club promoters and spent my hard-earned money on one.

However, I will say, that my loosecrawl top is one of my many cherished PJs.

3. Someone dying to tell you they went on a gap yah

Omg I went travelling I’m so cultured and mature x

All sarcasm aside, there are freshers close to foaming at the mouth because you haven’t asked about what they did in their gap year. I am slightly jealous of the amazing tan and experiences, but I don’t care, I’m not a travel writer babes.

4. The person who eats, sleeps and breathes the sesh

I may or may not be speaking from personal experience…

Some people take Freshers’ Week as a free-for-all, going out every night and remembering absolutely nothing when they wake up. They’ve mastered the art of having non-stop invites to pres and manage to resurrect before repeating the cycle all over again.

You either want to be them or be with them.

5. The rahs

Normally residing in Castle Leazes, the rahs are a consistent phenomenon in the Toon.

The large majority attended private schools, love a bit of Ralph Lauren and white linen trousers. Some may or may have a fat trust fund and smoke a bit of baccy.

They always like to argue they’re “not posh” despite sounding like a descendant of the royal family and having a holiday home in the Maldives.

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