Review: Have you heard of Tarboosh? The Toon’s new best takeaway

Halloumi wrap after a night out may just be the game changer that you need

Whether you’re a die-hard Bigg Market goer after countless attempts of climbing the infamous Soho pole on a Wednesday, or you’re more partial to a slim slice of pizza from our favourite Toon Takeaway, this might just be the guide for you.

It’s getting pretty repetitive, we all know the drill; Shaker, Soho, dirty takeaway, home and bed. But is anyone else getting tired of the same old takeaways in and around the Toon? Don’t get me wrong; scalding hot cheesy, garlic chips will never fail to disappoint after partying hard but surely there’s something more out there, something with a little bit of edge?

Well my friend, search no further because I am thrilled to inform you that there is something out there which is indeed bigger and better than a mere portion of cheesy and garlic saturated chips.

There is indeed the humble, delicious, (salty AF) halloumi wrap… and where might this wrap be one might ask? Tarboosh is the place.

Situated right by the infamous Athena, Tarboosh is a Lebanese, low-key and  up and coming takeaway that all the kids are raving about. Thinking beyond takeaway pizza, Tarbooshs’ wide-ranging menu ventures out from your basic cheesy chips and greasy pizza to arguably the BEST bi-product of cow: humble halloumi.

Now, this isn’t just any ordinary halloumi wrap, oh no. This wrap is your post-night out Greek gyros –  we’re talking chips, salad, aubergine, mint sauce, more chips and of course Halloumi. And it’s reasonably priced, with your average wrap with chips coming in at just £4.50, which if you ask me isn’t bad at all after spending nine quid on some blue trebs in Shaker.

I must warn you though, of course after a heavy night of drinking you’re bound to be super dehydrated as it is, but after a wrap-full of halloumi, you are going to be thirsty AF at 5am – so be sure to take up a bottle of water to bed and stay hydrated.

Also, the wraps are served piping hot (as they should be) but from personal experience, this has proven to be seriously problematic when you’re wolfing it down at 3am, not realising that you’re scalding your poor tongue simultaneously.

So, please don’t say that you haven’t been warned – waking up with a burnt, red tongue the morning after is probably on par with waking up with a complete stranger in your bed the morning after: simply not fun, not ideal, no one wants it, go away.

All in all, Tarboosh is elite, it’s a treat and it’s just not your average Toon Takeaway – it’s bigger, it’s better and most importantly, it’s cheesier. What more could one want?

So, there we go, that is indeed a wrap – a halloumi wrap if you will. Enjoy, thank me later, you are most welcome – happy wrapping everyone!

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