Manchester student jailed for running over and killing her fiancé after row

Alice Wood will serve a minimum of 18 years in prison


A University of Manchester student has been jailed for a minimum of 18 years for her boyfriend’s murder.

Alice Wood drove at her boyfriend Ryan Watson on 6th May 2022, before dragging him for more than 150m under her car.

She was found guilty at Chester Crown Court last month, and was sentenced on Friday 2nd February, BBC reports.

Earlier on the night of May 6th, at a birthday party both attended, witnesses reported tension between the pair, watching the couple argue throughout the night, including over “who was going to drive home.”

The jury heard how Ryan had “clicked” with another woman at the party, angering Wood.

She then used her car as a weapon, reversing towards Mr Watson, missing him, and then driving at him again and knocking him onto the bonnet of the car. When Wood drove at him the third time, she dragged him under the car.

She was studying for her final exams in a theology, ethics and philosophy degree in May of last year, and had been offered a research masters scholarship at Cambridge.

Judge Michael Leeming told Wood: “Prison may be hard for you Alice Wood, but you only have yourself to blame for the situation you now find yourself in.”

Mr Watson’s family said it had been “so hard” to watch the CCTV of Ryan’s killing over and over again in court.

Wood will serve life, with a minimum of 18 years.

Ryan Watson died following a birthday party the couple attended on 6th May 2022.

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