How we can all be a little more sustainable in Manchester this summer

Thrifty Fallow girlies are doing their bit

At long last sustainability has come into fashion! As students, we have the power to make a positive impact and lead the way towards a more sustainable future. Whether it’s charity shopping, upcycling or even vape bins, here are my top six practical ways Manchester students can embrace sustainability this summer.

Swap Shop

Hosted by Uni of Manchester’s Thrift Society, Swap Shop is the better version of book swap. Take your old clothes along and exchange them for tokens which you can then spend on other peoples donated clothes. You’ll be able to find some real steal’s if the fashion society haven’t got there first. Their next shop is April 19th at 12:00 in the Exhibition Centre

Vape bins

Provided by UOM’s Sustainable Engineering Initiative Society, you’ll now find vape bins across campus and around Owen’s Park. Whilst 8.3 per cent of the UK vape, Fallowfield’s statistic is looking a lot closer to 70 per cent. The SEI society found 50 vapes littered in Fallowfield in just 30 minutes, so please use the new bins.

Vape Bins and Capers

Join (or organise) a litter pick

If you’re in one of Manchester’s many societies, make sure you get your chums to organise a group litter pick. You know what, it’s actually a pretty good laugh and you can bring a bit of positivity to the local community. Let’s face it, Fallowfield needs all the help it can get (sorry, I love you but you are filth!)

Join a spring clean via the Keep Manchester Tidy page which provides you with a load of local initiatives to get involved in.

Bikos Bikes

Forget Beryl bikes, here comes Bikos Bikes. They cost just £1 for THE ENTIRE WEEK, and they’ll even chuck in free repairs and bike maintenance lessons. So whilst the 143 may be the drier ride, Bikos Bikes is definitely the more entertaining and environmentally friendly option. You’ll find them in the SU basement.

What Bereal bikes can do to you...

Charity Shopping

In true Fallowfield spirit and style, join the charity shopping girlies. Fast fashion is really much worse than you think, buying one white t-shirt is equivalent to driving 35 miles in a car. So please empty your online shopping baskets and pay a visit to some of Manchester’s finest charity shops. We has very conveniently ranked Manchester’s best charity shopping spots to save you the hassle:

  1. Ashton-under-Lyne 10/10
  2. Wilmslow 9/10
  3. Altrincham 8.5/10

Oh, and remember to donate your old clothes too. The thrift gods will thank you for it.

Skirts sourced in a charity shop

Want Not Waste Shop

The Want not Waste Shop is another uni initiative, based right next to the Academy. It’s a n0-waste shops that aims to make sustainable living affordable for students. It holds the uni’s biggest recycling depository and provides refill student essentials like washing up liquid. All you have to do is bring your plastic packaging along.

I hope this article gives you a little insight into the many ways you can be a sustainable student and do your small part to help out. Time is ticking and I hope we’re the generation to make a change.

… and let’s get Manchester back to being the UK’s top university for its social and environmental impact.

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