The Warehouse Project warns of dangerous ketamine-like drug being circulated

A number of people have been hospitalised as a result of the substance

The Warehouse Project has issued a warning that a dangerous ketamine-like substance has been in circulation. The substance, being sold as ketamine, has led to the hospitalisation of a number of its users.

The warning comes as “various venues in London have reported cases of this happening in the past week” and there are fears that it “could happen in further locations across the county”. The Manchester Drug Analysis Exchange (MANDRAKE) have also shared this warning.

In a tweet, The Warehouse project warned: “Symptoms are similar to a ‘K-hole’ but similarities end there, with side effects being much worse in terms of difficulties breathing and responsiveness.”

The Warehouse Project urges anyone that becomes unwell at their events to “make use of the welfare areas” and “fully trained paramedics and helpers”. They assure that help will always be given and individuals will be met with “zero judgement”.

They continue: “If in doubt, please don’t take it and look out for one another on the dance-floor”.

The university “recognise that a number of students choose to use drugs”. Free and anonymous drug testing kits are available from the Students’ Union Advice Service. There is also a free and confidential drug and alcohol service for university students to access.

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