The Class of 2021 are owed a no detriment policy, read for yourself

Our conditions are no different from last years graduates, with less support and academic security so where is our no detriment policy?

£9250 a year for not a single in person seminar, really?

Your lecturer can’t look at your work over a zoom call

Disposable face masks are killing the planet and we have to change now

Masks have become an integral part of the new “normal” but what are the environmental repercussions of disposable face masks?

Rihanna, we deserve more than an Insta story as an apology for your appropriation of the hadith

Rihanna could have made her apology to the Muslim community far more personal than an Instagram story that deletes after 24 hours

Why I am frustrated with white silence at University as a non-black POC

Even if you as an individual can afford to be silent, we as a society cannot

The Sounds of University College London playlist is the perfect sex playlist

The Sounds of Spotify Colleges comes through again

‘Should I cross the picket?’ – We spoke to students about crossing the picket line

Students across UCL are vocalising their opinions about crossing the picket line

UCL should cap student numbers – fight me

Maybe then I’d finally find a space in the library

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