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Students privately renting are being ignored by their landlords, universities and government

“I just wish they would at least acknowledge us and the troubles we are facing”

We spoke to UCL students about why cancelling graduation now was the wrong decision

“The last thing keeping me from falling off the edge just got ripped away”

To all the students out there claiming we don’t need no detriment: This is why you’re wrong

Grow up and realise the world does not just revolve around you and your “mostly unaffected” uni life, people need no detriment

Let’s stop pretending like everything is fine, we need a safety net now more than ever

The safety net is the bare minimum we deserve, realistically a full no detriment policy should be laid out for this year’s students

Women in hospitality deserve better than the sexist treatment we’re getting this Christmas

Sorry but I just don’t get paid enough for this

The Class of 2021 are owed a no detriment policy, read for yourself

Our conditions are no different from last years graduates, with less support and academic security so where is our no detriment policy?

£9250 a year for not a single in person seminar, really?

Your lecturer can’t look at your work over a zoom call

Disposable face masks are killing the planet and we have to change now

Masks have become an integral part of the new “normal” but what are the environmental repercussions of disposable face masks?