Here are London’s top 10 spookiest spots to get you into the Halloween spirit

A definitive guide to the scariest places in London over this spooky season – you’ll need a resting witch face to survive these 10 terrors


Halloween looms close, and I am ramping up the fear factor in London by exploring the hidden terrors all over the city. This ancient cradle of civilisation is brimming with chilling history that will send shivers down your spine. If you dare, head down to these gruesome parts of town this season for a Halloween scare.

Coal Drops Yard

If you ever want to be truly petrified at how mediocre, badly dressed and untalented you are, avoid this spot on your trick or treat route.

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Any Students’ Union sports night

You may kiss some frogs, but this fairy tale won’t have a happy ending. Bonus points if you can survive the club (especially SCALA).

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The Northern Line

A chance to see the sights of the Underworld. Who needs banshees when you can hear the torturous screeches of rusty rails. Beware of the bed bugs, they bite.

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Camden Market

Double double toil and trouble. Hold onto your broomsticks (and phones) around this haunted part of town.

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Any Simmons ever

DO NOT put any of these very average brews into your cauldron.

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Kings Cross McDonald’s after a night out

Many a freaky Friday has ended here. You will likely bump into your ex-situationship, what’s scarier than that?

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UCL Science Library

For my fellow UCL students, a place where your soul goes to die. Finding the toilets is psychologically distressing and many ghosts of your past lurk here.

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Euston Road on a bicycle

For a truly goose bump inducing, blood curdling activity to raise your heart rate, try this cycle at rush hour.

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An Angus Steakhouse

If you are fearful of the unknown, go and ponder why these restaurants are all over SOHO. Maybe you can find out who keeps them in business and if I am missing something.

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Joe and the Juice

You’ll be in for a fright when you see how much money you have spent on blended spinach and celery.

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