No, I won’t be your gay BFF

I’m not your accessory

Lincoln might not be cool or edgy, but we love it

You can keep the Warehouse Project, we’ve got Quack

Why real smokers hate ‘social smokers’

Can you roll it for me?

Hometown stereotypes are ruining university for everyone

“So, where are you from?”

Do people really care about theme nights?

Let’s be honest

Why does everyone fill their dissertation with pretentious rubbish?

Stop trying to sound so clever

I’ve already finished my dissertation and now everyone hates me

Sorry I’m more organised than you

Has your ‘new year, new me’ failed yet?

It probably has

Pre-drinks are the best part of a night out

And you know it

People who say ‘like’ all the time are awful people

Yes, we’re talking to you

Feel free to call me Scrooge but I hate Christmas jumpers

It’s that time of year again

Please can everyone stop saying ‘bae’

You’re not cool

Yeah, I’m dating my housemate (and what?)

I broke the ultimate freshers rule and I really don’t care

Welcome to Lincoln library (it’s awful)

Welcome to Hell

Stay away from the student journos

And you thought Law students were bad

Please bore off with your No Makeup Nominations

First it was #NekNominations, and now this? Give my Facebook timeline a break.

Jui Welch

When student bureaucracy goes wrong – men banned from the women’s committee

“Working together resolves problems, not segregation”: the controversy of a female-only women’s committee