These are the scariest things you will encounter as a Lincoln student

The shrivelled zombie in Trebles bar is me don’t worry


“I was working in the lab laaaate one night, when my eyes beheld a … deadline fright?”. The last thing anyone wants is to be spooked out any more as Lincoln braces itself for Halloween. Therefore, it’s a good idea to keep an eye out for any happenings steeped in the supernatural.

Lincoln’s storied past and architectural wonders provide the perfect backdrop for tales of the eerie and macabre, especially for the students here who have to deal with it all. Here now delving into the scariest things you will encounter as a student in Lincoln. And no my terrible outfit is not something that is gonna make this list.

Phantom parking spaces

Seeing as before the storm Lincoln was in a drought, so now every car park has been watered maybe too much with all the flooding. Therefore finding a dry parking spot on a university campus is a perennial challenge, but at Lincoln, it sometimes feels like trying to catch a glimpse of Frankenstein himself. The elusive parking spot becomes a ghostly apparition, teasing students as they circle the parking lots in vain. Added the reflection from your centre mirror looks ghostly, this isn’t a good look for anyone. Is spending time applying for Co-op shifts for their parking really worth it?

That climb up Steep Hill

Scarier than walking past Pav’s alone at four in the morning, once you’ve braved the climb you won’t be able to look back. Steeped (steep haha) in paranormal activity such as the haunting of Brown Pie’s shop or Greestone Stairs, Steep Hill is home to many ghostly archives you can expect to be talked about during this time of year.

On the anniversary of the Black Death of 1349, it is said that the ghosts rise from their gravestones and march to the Cathedral, singing for salvation, as their bodies were unable to be blessed each year. But I’m not buying it. Most notably the scare of breaking your spine falling down so watch out with that one with the recent rainfall. Great for afternoon brunch, not so great for Phasmophobia.

The Nightmare of Brayford Street

It’s the time of the night where your Echo Falls wine has ran out and you’re needing something to drink that will definitely have a kick. The Brayford Pool water is no exception to that. With an aroma similar to Paco Rabanne’s worst frightmare, or an EasyJet flight back from Ibiza, make sure to clean up any beer bottles thrown in when you dunk your cup. Like a UoL litter picking society member to a bin mans bedroom window at night, the sight of the Brayford goes hand in hand with being very awkward. I think that’s the best way to put it. Perhaps with the recent flooding one can expect the Brayford to pay a visit onto any roads or paths you’re on. Tricky stuff.

The looming exam week

Saying good luck to a fresh looking for directions in the Minerva can only make this time of year bearable for so long, as dreaded exams are drawing closer for most. Being able to find a seat in the library, or any coffee shop for that matter, can only make one think about how scary this time of year can get.

Cramming in months of revision into one night or just having the sleep pattern of a vampire in general can truly show who can handle university and not just uni. Perhaps the scariest part being a typical student’s attention span being about 10 to 15 minutes long. Listen to your TA and “read the question slowly”. Said no one ever.

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