Leeds made it into the top 10 dogging spots in the UK

And you thought shagging in Eddie B was a flex?


The city of Leeds has proudly ranked 8th in the top 20 dogging spots in the UK, with 63 noted popular sites for getting some action. The list of results developed by ‘Datingroo’ was created based on the number of sites popular for dogging within each city.

This isn’t the first time Leeds has been noted for its numerous sites of pleasure. In 2017, Yorkshire was crowned the “top dogging hotspot in the country”, with areas in Leeds such as Mansion Lane in Roundhay being highlighted as popular dogging areas. A quick google search  returns lists of websites dedicated to finding dogging locations and contacts. 

Datingroo reported an 85% increase in dogging during lockdown, most likely as a result of the imposed measures to reduce the spread of coronavirus.

Back in June, a law was put in place meaning having sex with anyone outside your household was illegal. Even though dogging was already illegal anyway, the additional restrictions clearly didn’t deter doggers and with the extra free time arising from multiple people being furloughed, dogging numbers soared.

Overall, the UK itself placed 2nd in the world in Datingroo’s list, with 4,616 spots. This is miles behind Spain who placed top with a whopping 15,872 locations. Within the UK, the North and South were evenly split for places in the top 10. Nevertheless, Manchester with 131 hookup spots, was named the top dogging hotspot of the UK. This was more than double the 63 sites in Leeds.

Leeds has made its way into the rankings of multiple topics in the past, ranging from the best city in the UK for a short break where it placed 8th, to placing 3rd back in March for being one of the most profitable UK cities to be a landlord. Whereas those achievements may want to be shown off by the city, this one may be best popped to the back of the trophy cabinet. 

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