Making a Lancs playlist? Here’s which GUTS song fits the vibe of your academic year plans

Be prepared to be called out, especially if you’re a Vampire girlie x

GUTS, Olivia Rodrigo’s sophomore album has been out for a week and I’m OBSESSED. From bangers like All-American Bitch, to softer tracks like Logical, every song is an absolute banger. After a long summer break, it’s nearly time for the new academic year to begin, and what comes with that, apart from deadlines, stress and too many nights out in Sugar? A new playlist.

GUTS is for those who feel dissatisfied with life, are hopeless romantics and are struggling withing growing up. So, that perfectly describes basically every uni student. Whether you relate more to Ballad of a Homeschooled Girl because you prefer not to socialise, or Bad Idea Right? because every decision you make is a REALLY bad idea, there’s a tune on the album that’ll start your 2023-24 Lancs playlist with a bang. So, buckle in, and prepare to be called out, as this quiz decides which GUTS song is most relatable to you based on your new academic year plans.

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