We placed the Heartstopper characters in Lancaster colleges so you don’t have to

We still don’t know if Nellie should be in Cartmel or Pendle

The wait for Heartstopper season two is finally over! To celebrate, we imagined what colleges each of the main characters would be in if they went to Lancs. Much like the Sorting Hat, we based these decisions purely on vibes, which honestly is how we think Lancaster should work anyway.

So whether you instantly binged all eight episodes, or you’re savouring each one, feel free to imagine your life if you’d ended up in the same flat as your favourite character.

Nick — Fylde

As Truham Grammar’s rugby team captain, Nick would definitely belong to Fylde. With its stereotype for being the sporty college, Nick would fit right in here, and we bet he’d love having a pint and some curly fries in The Mill with his new-found uni mates. He’d love to take Charlie on dates to see the ducks by the Bonington Steps.

Charlie — Furness

Introverted Charlie is a Furness kinda guy. He’d love how quiet the flats are, and how Trev is pretty dead most of the time. Most importantly, Furness isn’t too far from Fylde, so he’d always be close to Nick on campus.

Tara — Grizedale

We think Tara would find her home in Grizedale. Practical and level-headed, she’d love its central location to the main campus, and she’d enjoy a few cocktails in Grizedale Bar. Although she’s not too much of a party animal, we can really see her in a townhouse, which of course Darcy spends most of her time in too.

Darcy — Bowland

The livewire of the group, there’s nowhere else Darcy could belong to but Bowland. Known for its weird and whacky characters, it wouldn’t be difficult for Darcy to find similar people to call friends in Bowland. We can definitely imagine her living it up in Bowland Tower, throwing parties for all her new flatmates.

Tao — County

Fiercely protective of his friends, yet still loveable, Tao is perhaps the most difficult to place into a Lancs college. He’d fit into any of them, but we decided County was the best fit for him. He’d like the chaos that goes on in County, though he’s never involved in it personally. He’d save all the gossip he’d learned for his next catchup session with his friends in Costa.

Elle – Pendle

As the artistic one, Elle is definitely a Pendle gal. She has the quirky vibe of a Pendle student, and she’d LOVE Pendle Brew. She’d decorate her room with pride flags, fake plants and fairy lights, just like every other queer Pendle student, but she’d make it her own with her art and famous art prints stuck to every inch of the walls.

Isaac — Lonsdale

Isaac would love that Lonsdale is out of the way and very quiet. To be honest, his flatmates probably wouldn’t see him much, because he’d always be in his room reading, but that’s just the way he likes it. You can guarantee when he wants to go out, he’ll make good use of Lonsdale’s close location to the Woodland Walk.

Imogen — County

Imogen is another character who’d fit into County. Outgoing and stylish, she’d make her walk across Lancaster Square a fashion show every morning, and she’d go to all the townhouse parties hoping this time she will meet the love of her life.

Nellie — Cartmel

Last but not least, everyone’s favourite character, Nellie, knows where it’s at with Cartmel. There couldn’t be a more perfect place for her really, especially not with a bar called BARKer House Farm. She’d love the walks from south west up to north campus, and she’d love all the attention she’d get from every Cartmel student.

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