Which song from Speak Now (Taylor’s Version) are you based on your Lancaster college?

‘Drop everything now,’ Speak Now (Taylor’s Version) is officially here!

To anyone on the internet this weekend, including dedicated Lancaster Tab fans who have yet to discover the enchanting works of Taylor Swift: I regret to inform you that you’re in for a tough time.

This past Friday marked the long-awaited release of Swift’s highly anticipated “Speak Now (Taylor’s Version),” a reimagining of her sophomore album and the third installment in her ambitious project to re-record her discography following a dispute with her former record label.

With its exquisite and diverse array of tracks, there’s no better way to celebrate the release of Swift’s album than by posing a simple yet intriguing question: “Which song from “Speak Now” TV perfectly aligns with my Lancaster college?”

Lonsdale – Haunted

Although somewhat popular, Lonsdale College is often overlooked by students due to it’s reputation and location, tucked away in the corner of the South-West campus. Haunted matches Lonsdale’s vibe perfectly, often over-shadowed by the more successful singles on Speak Now. Furthermore, like Lonsdale’s members, the most loyal Swiftie’s never sleep on such a deep and meaningful ballad.

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Cartmel – Innocent

Cartmel, nestled in a tranquil setting at the bottom of campus, often remains forgotten by many students, possibly due to its secluded location and relatively small student body, viewed as a quiet and posh college.

Innocent matches Cartmel perfectly, as it is often forgotten about by Swifties and usually towards the bottom of their Speak Now song ranking. However, it is still a beautiful, deep, and meaningful song recognized by the most hardcore fans.

Pendle – Enchanted

Enchanted fits Pendle’s atmosphere perfectly, not just because their emblem is a witch and named after a famous witches trial. Despite being one of the smaller and more tranquil colleges on campus, Pendle College has a wholesome vibe. Its charm is enhanced by the magical atmosphere and the beautiful fairy lights hung within the cozy bar of Pendle Brew.

Grizedale – The Story of Us

Grizedale students are often known for their vibrant social lives, characterised by lively late-night pres, daytime drinking, and flat cest. They also love to embrace the spirit of living life to the fullest, so why not celebrate their enthusiastic nature with an energetic and playful song from this album – The Story of Us.

The song’s upbeat and chaotic energy matches Grizedale students perfectly and is ideal for taking shots at pre-drinks or jumping up and down on a night out.

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Furness – Sparks Fly

Furness is the beating heart at the centre of campus. Its students are always there to offer a shoulder to cry on and are hopeless romantics, similar to Swift herself. Therefore, it is only fitting to dedicate Sparks Fly to them. They’ll “drop everything now” to support you if something goes array, and they aren’t afraid to “meet [you] in the pouring rain.”

County – Speak Now

County = utter chaos. They hold the title for being the largest and arguably the most popular college on campus. Their townhouse kitchens are often hubs of social activity with pre-drinks and lively parties on Wednesday and Friday nights. Moreover, their students have an infamous reputation and most likely would gatecrash a wedding, similar to Taylor in her album’s title track, Speak Now.

Bowland – Better than Revenge

“Better than Revenge” serves as the ideal good-girl-gone-bad anthem for Bowland. Constantly hated and shat on by other colleges, Bowland students are not afraid to defend their college. Just as Taylor cunningly plots against another girl who “took him faster than you could say sabotage,” Bowland’s students are unafraid to fight dirty.

Although some may argue Bowland does not deserve such a bop, hiding under their student’s “Mean” surfaces are some “Innocent” and “Enchanting” hearts.

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Graduate – Long Live

Being a member of Grad college often brings about feelings of nostalgia and memories of your time as an undergrad student, as your time at university is slowly drawing to a close.

For this reason, Long Live would be the perfect song to blast through your headphones on the walk to your morning lecture, with the lyrics allowing you to reminisce on your time at Lancaster and all the stories you have collected on the way. Hopefully, “these memories will break our fall.”

Fylde – Ours

Fylde is the epitome of “Fearless (Taylor’s Version) rather than Speak Now, making the college a perfect match for Taylor’s reimagined version of “Ours” from her third instalment of her re-recordings.

“Ours” is an ideal choice for the daring Fylde students, perfectly capturing their spirit. The captivating and tender ballad by Taylor Swift would undoubtedly find its place on The Mill’s playlist during quieter hours.

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