This is what you should dress as for Halloween based on your King’s degree

Trick-or-treat yourself to outfits that just make sense

The Halloweekend is upon us, and you’ve spent the last week mentally preparing yourself for the most traumatic club night of the year. But in an age of Ken’s and Barbies, it can be difficult to decide on a Halloween outfit that’s not going with the latest trends.

You could revert to the old classics like zombies and vampires but they just won’t feel very authentic. So the next best thing is to use your degree as a basis for costume design. It will also make it much easier to spot the war studies students by just looking at their choice of costume. Here’s a quintessential guide to the Halloween outfit you should wear based on your degree.

History – Plague Doctor

Studying history in the English capital really gives you an unlimited choice of historical figures to choose from. While a beheaded criminal may be an impressive outfit to pull off, one of the most sinister and recognisable symbols in London’s history is the plague doctor. Yes, they may have got it completely wrong medically, but they looked scary doing it, so if you can source a mask in time for the 31st then you’ll be giving everyone the creeps.

English – Shakespeare

There’s a whole plethora of monsters and villains that English students can dress up as. From Frankenstein and Dracula to Long John Silver and Peter Pan, you’re really spoilt for choice. But there’s one person that every single English student has come across too many times to account. The inescapable bard himself – William Shakespeare. Carry a human skull around with you and you’ll add to the authenticity and the creepiness.

Finance and business management – Pimp

Halloween is all about dressing up as characters that we’re not. As much as you may think you’ll be driving a flashy G Wagon and flexing a Rolex as soon as you graduate, you’re not quite there yet. So for now, you’ll have to settle for just dressing up and living the fantasy for one night only.

Law – Police officer

The obvious pick for law students is Elle Woods from Legally Blonde, but its not going to be that easy to get a whole Elle ensemble together at the last minute. Instead, an easy outfit to get a hold of in the eleventh hour is the tried and tested police officer. While being a lawyer is all about upholding the law, you get to enforce it for one night only. Probably the most hands on action you’re going to get as a law student is using your prop hand-cuffs at a house party on Halloween.

Classics – Roman Soldier

You were thinking about the Roman Empire before everyone else, and its still on your mind. You may never escape the Roman Empire, so you may as well embrace the culture and dress up as one of the centurions. Who knows, maybe you can reboot the trend and get everyone thinking about them again.

War studies – Maverick or James Bond

If your degree is war studies you either wish to be an RAF Pilot or a member of the secret services. I don’t make the rules, its just a simple fact. Thankfully, both of those professions have some of the most iconic costumes and, realistically, some of the easiest to recreate.

Medicine – Nurse

This one really needs no explanation. Whether you decide to go for a sexy approach or one like Heath Ledger’s Joker, dressing as a nurse for Halloween is your destiny. You cannot avoid your prophecies.

International relations – Borat Sagdiyev

Borat is international relations figurehead on the silver screen. He got people talking about a country that wasn’t on anyone’s radar before him. He really put Kazakhstan on the map – so much so that their official tourism slogan. Very nice!

Computer science – Stormtrooper

If you can take a break from coding, you’ll likely be spending all of your spare time binging the Star Wars series from start to finish. A stormtrooper may be a hard costume to recreate, but just like the clones in the movies, you will be missing all the shots you take on the night.

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