12 of Glasgow’s weird and wonderful societies you should take a look at this September

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As the Welcome Fair rolls around, we wanted to highlight the societies that represent Glasgow’s eclectic cohort, the clubs that embody uniqueness and may not be as much on your radar as the classic university socials.

We spoke to just a few of the more unique and lesser known societies at Glasgow Uni so they can tell you in their own words why you should join.

1. Charcuterie Society

“The charcuterie soc is the newest addition to UofG’s plethora of clubs and societies! We aim to be a welcoming, social space for freshers and finalists alike.

“Our board is made up of a wide variety of students from across the spectrum of subjects, years, and backgrounds. The society has already planned a potluck, a craft night, a make-your-own pottery evening, film nights and more for the upcoming semester. All supplemented with cheese, cured meats, artisanal nibbles and, of course, wine!

“We saw a niche and we filled it! We’re so looking forward to seeing all the new faces come September!”

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2. Nintendo Society

“The Nintendo society is a fun, friendly and safe space for all Nintendo lovers, offering something for everyone – whether it be the casual gamer or the most dedicated of fans!

“With a welcoming and inclusive environment, we provide an array of social events, ranging from in-person gaming sessions to competitions and online Discord socials; some of our favourite past events include our pub quizzes, chill gaming sessions, costume karaokes, Wii sports competitions as well as a special appearance from the voice actor of Mario himself, Charles Martinet!”

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3. Cannabis Society

“Hey there, curious minds! Ever fancied diving into the world of cannabis, but in a totally academic and enlightening way? Look no further than the University of Glasgow Cannabis Society. We’re not just about the plant; we’re about the science, the activism, and the real-life stories behind it.

“With talks from top-notch researchers and activists, we’re here to shed light on the many facets of cannabis, from its medical potentials to its societal impacts. And, hey, we’re a pretty fun bunch too. So why not join us for some learning, some laughs, and a lot of enlightening conversations? See you at the Welcome Fair!”

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4. Dinner with a Stranger Society

“Inspired by @jssirite on TikTok, this new society aims to promote friendships by setting participants on blind friendships dates. Every month, a questionnaire will be sent out to members on a specific topic for that month. Members will be paired off based on their similarities in their answers to these questionnaires.

“Why settle for an awkward Hinge date that’s going nowhere when you can be making your next best friend!”

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5. Bad Movie Society

“At Bad Movie Society, every Friday night we get together in a lecture theatre with our friends to have a laugh at some really shit movies, and to go to the pub afterwards. Some of our past hits include Surf Nazis Must Die, The Velocipastor and of course our annual Valentine’s day screening of The Room.

“We have no membership costs and every screening is free – this society is a great way for anyone to have a laugh and make some friends. We hope you come on the 22nd for the first screening of the year, Cool Cat Saves The Kids!”

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6. Grim Reapers Quidditch Club

“We are proud to be one of the world’s only completely gender-inclusive contact sports, with an amazing community here in Scotland and around the world! Quadball combines elements of rugby, dodgeball and handball for a game that we admit might look chaotic but is loads of fun and accessible to anyone, whether you’re brand new to sport or are an experienced athlete.

“With the Glasgow Grim Reapers you’ll be part of a fantastic, queer-friendly sporting community and have the chance to meet players from across Scotland, as well as train and compete with our National Scotland team in tournaments across the UK.”

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7. Taylor Swift Society

“It’s always a Love Story with the Taylor Swift Society! We’re a fun and positive community for fans of Taylor to meet and socialise. From subcrawls, karaoke, to album release parties, we host amazing events that never go out of Style! Whether you’re a certified Swiftie or a casual listener, You Belong With Us!”

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8. Fantasy Society

“We are quite a new society, but we are all about celebrating all things fantasy. Basically we are a group who are nerdy about fantasy and want to have fun and nerd out with other students. We want to help students foster new friendships using fantasy as a sort of bridge connecting people with similar interests. We are a friendly and relaxed society focused on having fun and growing our community.

“On Monday 18th of September, ten university societies will be hosting a free quiz at the qmu. A space for people to meet people like them, celebrate their own passion, learn about others and just have fun! We will have a stall at Freshers’, then will be hosting a coffee afternoon on Thursday 14th as a meet and greet, then after the quiz we will be hosting a west end pub crawl.”

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9. Shrek Society

“The Shrek Society is all about showing our love for the greatest movie franchise ever made. If you like movie screenings, swamp crawls & karaoke, in addition to having an undying commitment to Shrek, we would love for you to join!”

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10. Pole Dancing Club

“Hi! We’re GUPDC and we teach pole dancing at a variety of levels. You don’t need a GUSA membership to join us, which makes us one of the more affordable and accessible sports clubs on campus! Alongside weekly lessons we have a variety of sober and drinking socials every month, and we have three shows a year – our two in-houses in October and April, and our annual in February.

“Pole is for everyone – it’s such an amazing community to be a part of. Come see us at the Sports Fayre (or message us on our Instagram, @gupdc) and say hi!”

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11. Dead Poets Society

“The Dead Poets Society host a range of activities from smaller art scavenger hunts and picnics to large scale Edinburgh Castle trips. A fun way to relax during semester time!”

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12. A Capella Society

“We are a welcoming society that gets together to enjoy singing as a group. Our society is a chill, mellow society, and we offer diverse musical arrangements mostly organized by our amazing musical directors!

“We have both competitive and non-competitive groups, with our Kelvingroove team participating in the Scottish A Cappella Championships every year, and our non-competitive society performing two concerts a year, along with many more small events coordinated with charities and organisations. We welcome anyone who has an interest and passion towards singing and music!”

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