Introducing the GUU Committee Candidates

Meet the prospective candidates behind next year’s HIVE nights and capping the price of pints of fun

The only contested positions for the GUU committee are for:

President, between Emma Chan and Lina Leonhard

Convener of Libraries: Eliza Checkley-Mills and Rochelle Chlala

Present Student Member (Until 2024): Sarah McElvogue, Sophia Purcell, Jenny H. Whitaker, and Selena Yedikardes

The uncontested positions for the GUU memberships were for:

Vice President and Honorary Treasure, with Nicola Wilkinson and Christopher Bush as nominees

For the role of Honorary Secretary and Assistant Honorary Secretary we have Theodore Lockett and Jago MacIness

In terms of all uncontested convenors, we have the new Convener of Debates, which is Heather Ashworth, Rebecca Millar Castillo as Convener of Games, Mae Lucas, who is next year’s Convener of Entertainments and Amy Herrick, the new Convener of Communications.

As Present Student Member (Until 2025), we have Angus MacDonald and Patrick Stewart, and Jag Kooner along with Rob McMillan in the roles of Former Student Member (Until 2025)