Glasgow gig cut short after lead singer shots five drams of whiskey on stage

The Easy Life frontman will be waking up with a sore head this morning…


Yesterday an Easy Life gig at O2 Academy Glasgow was cut short after the lead singer got too drunk to continue the performance.

The car crash performance, which saw frontman Murray Matravers down five drams of whiskey on stage, left concertgoers shocked as the singer claimed he was “the drunkest he’s ever been” performing.

During their hit song ‘Skeletons’ Matravers could be seen looking to other members of the band for cues. Later the crowd watched a crew member crawl on stage to remove all remaining bottles of alcohol, before replacing them with water.

Following technical difficulties on stage, the frontman proceeded to perform a lengthy ‘whiskey tasting’ where he shot five drams of malt to a confused audience.

At points Matravers forgot the words altogether, instead opting to tell the packed crowd how drunk he was.

In one clip he claims “I’m totally fucking spangled, I can’t even see straight, everything’s double vision.”

The gig concluded with Murray running off stage before another band member gave a speech to the audience:

“We’ve been going through some tough times, Murray especially.”

“We just want to apologise for tonight, he can’t come back on stage he’s in a slightly bad way.”

“We’ve just been going through some shit recently. We’re dealing with it, just a shame we’re on a tour right now.”

The Leicester band came to fame in 2018 and were runners up in BBC’s Sound of 2020. The Glasgow gig was just the third date of their UK tour for their second album Maybe in Another Life.

This comes the same day the band announced they were forced to cancel their North American tour due to budget issues.

In a post on Instagram they express their sadness at the news claiming “Touring and seeing all of you is why we do what we do so this is hitting hard.”

The band are due to perform a sold out gig in Manchester tonight before completing nine more dates in their UK tour.

Easy Life were contacted for a comment. 

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