Mia Squire

Mia Squire
Glasgow University


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I could have made almost £6,000 instead of writing a dissertation which hasn’t been marked

I worked out the cost of my time lost to my dissertation due to the marking boycott

Glasgow students fear marking boycott will delay graduations and impact grad job offers

A spokesperson claims the university promises to minimize impact on students

Glasgow Uni working with experts to see how ChatGPT can be used to help students study

‘ChatGPT is a new technology, which brings with it new opportunities’

‘I know so many people using it’: Meet the Glasgow students using ChatGPT for their uni work

Some students are getting AI to write entire essays…

Glasgow gig cut short after lead singer shots five drams of whiskey on stage

The Easy Life frontman will be waking up with a sore head this morning…

MP says he is ‘disappointed but not surprised’ at claim Lady Rae is an ‘absentee rector’

John Nicolson finished as runner up to Lady Rae to become rector in 2021

New damning Glasgow Uni report lays bare dysfunctional sexual violence reporting system

‘Serious mistakes’ have been made in handling reports of gender based violence

GUCFS announce ‘YOUTH’ as theme for this year’s fashion show

We ask the creative team why you should buy tickets

‘Stark’ email from new Medical School head leaves students ‘questioning if anything will change’

‘A lot more should have been addressed’

SRC demands Glasgow caps intake saying students are sleeping rough due to uni expansion

The university has agreed to fully consider the demands made by the SRC and is drafting its response

Glasgow Uni is ‘failing its students’ by not tackling Medical School culture, senior lecturer says

Students call for more senior academics to take action against discrimination

Glasgow Medical School head to leave his job amid uni investigation into his conduct

‘There is no bullying or misogynistic behaviour of which I’ve been guilty and no sanction so I leave with my record at the university clear’

Daft Friday online ticket sales will make the event more accessible

Say goodbye to camping out all night

‘It’s from the top down’: Inside Glasgow Uni Medical School’s ‘culture of misogyny’

‘I got told by a male senior lecturer I should be doing a secretarial course’

The Suite Life – the homeless Glasgow Uni students living in hotels

‘It would be good if the uni could be more transparent about what they are offering’