Five best ways to have your wholesome Exeter moments before the end of term

Because people who didn’t go to EGB need to fill their camera roll somehow

Since exams have finished, the floors of TP, Fever and Cavern have been filled with people saying, “I have nothing to do now I don’t need to revise”, and whilst there are only a select amount of club nights and hangover debriefs left before everyone returns home for the summer, this is not going to make your Instagram feed aesthetic. So, if you’re looking to make these next few weeks wholesome, quintessentially “Exetah” and something you’ll remember, then listen up because these activities are 100% something to brag about to your friends at home.

1. Watch the sunset at Exmouth

Now this is definitely a cliché, but it is a must to-do for your term three bucket list. Getting the train to Exmouth is certainly character development, with the rowdy teens shouting down the carriages and a shortage of seats, it’s enough to make a grown man cry. But once you arrive, it’s bliss. With the fan-fave M&S next door to the train station, and a somewhat-cheaper Tesco further in the town centre, there are plenty of places to get snacks and drinks to take on to the beach with you. So, make sure you time your trip right so that you’ll be able to watch the sunset. Paired with music and friends is a sure-fire to having a wholesome day.

2. Get your picture in front of the Exeter rock

Some people choose to do this at the start of the academic year, whilst other’s leave it to the end as a commemoration to their late-night library sessions and the number of tears shed over coursework. Getting it taken before the year is over is a must. There are two Exeter rocks, one at the bottom of the Washington Singer hill, which is arguably more aesthetic, and one opposite Streatham Court, so with two to choose from, there is no reason for you to not get this snap taken before the end of term (it’s also proof you actually ventured on to campus at some point this year).

3. Spend a sunny day on the Cathedral green

The Cathedral is certainly an Exeter Landmark, and one that almost every student has visited during their time here. But have you had the experience of buying a meal deal, getting a blanket and sitting on the green for an afternoon? Well, if you’ve already done this, then you know that it is a great way to catch a tan, people watch, and gossip with friends. Bringing some food, a book or some games are a brilliant way to make this a wholesome day.

4. Have a BBQ or end-of-tenancy garden party

Garden parties are low-key underrated, but they can definitely make term 3 so much more fun than it already is. If you and your friends all invite a few people, get some drinks, a decent playlist (nothing that would be featured in Fever room 2) and some plastic cups for beer pong, then you will definitely have the most wholesome night to round off the year. If you don’t want to have that many people over for a long time, or just have a busy social schedule, then making this pre’s to go out is a great way to enjoy being outside and also not having to spend money on drinks in the club.

5. Sit in a beer garden

Lastly, we have sitting in a beer garden, and though this is not something “Exetah” guys and girlies are shy of, getting the right place is important. In first place, it has to be Impy (The Imperial to anyone living under a rock or over 30) just because of its huge outside seating, online ordering and cute little fairy lights. However, a lesser-known beer garden which has a similar vibe, but is a bit more underground, is Topsham Brewery. With an insane pizza van outside and a variety of craft drinks, it is a lovely spot down on the Quay to spend an evening before you go home for the summer.

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