Fridays with Edie: Boy problems

He’s not worth it x

“Help! I like a guy who I know is not good for me. He’s probably going to hurt me, but I really like him.”

Okay, so you’ve met a guy. And you like him loads. But the flags are not just a classic “let’s pretend I don’t know that” light pink. They are bright RED.

What do you do when your head leads you one way and your heart the other? We all love things that aren’t good for us. Don’t guilt trip me about my trip to Efes after TP because I saw you there too, ordering a chicken box (with salad and extra garlic mayo). A lot of life’s fun comes from the feeling that maybe something isn’t the best idea, and it applies to romantic encounters too.

The first thing you’ve done right is realise that he might not be that good for you. It’s great that you aren’t walking blindly towards a man who isn’t all that, and I’m sure your friends have supplied you with ample reasons as to why you shouldn’t deep dive his Instagram at 2am.

But you still feel the urge to do so, and that’s when you know you’re in trouble. If you’re hardcore crushing, it’s only going to be made worse by the thrill of knowing that it’s bad for you. If you enjoy that thrill, then I say embrace it. Everyone makes “mistakes” (you had no idea he was going to be in Fever on Monday!) Of course you didn’t plan for that to happen…

In all seriousness, if you know that these feelings are genuine and could end up in you listening to Sad Crying Mix on Spotify, then it is best to protect your peace and distance yourself from the situation. I always say that nothing is ever worth sacrificing your happiness over, and it’s true. Don’t become the girl crying in the toilets. Be her friend dragging her back out on the dance floor!

Regardless of whatever I tell you here, you’re going to do what you want. He could be little spoon in your bed as we speak. Enjoy yourself, even if that means doing something that isn’t always good for you. Just remember to make sure you don’t hurt yourself or others in the process. Embrace that romantic junk food, especially if said junk food buys you drinks.

I hope this helps – lots of love, Edie x

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