These are the best Exeter brunch spots to show your parents when they visit

We all know an Exeter girlie can’t resist some smashed avo on sourdough


Everyone wants to show off their university city when their parents visit, but pointing out the streets that you’ve run down to make your TP entry time or your post-night-out food spots (Efes, we’re looking at you) might not be the best way to do so. You might be wondering how to reassure them that you have more hobbies than just drinking and sleeping in, even if you all know that they wouldn’t be entirely wrong in assuming so. If this sounds familiar, don’t panic! Here’s a guide to all the best Exeter brunch spots to show them the wholesome side of uni life whilst secretly mopping up your Sunday morning hangover.


Down by the Quay, Sundays is a lovely little coffee and surf shop. On a sunny day, it’s a perfect spot to sit by the water drinking an iced latte whilst trying to convince your parents that your course is going well and that you have actually been going to lectures. If you feel like branching out from your beloved avo on toast, they have a great range of pastries, granola and of course many different drinks. This place is well worth a visit and who knows, you might even be tempted to take up surfing!

Sunset Society

Many Exeter students know of the brunch spot Pura Vida, but its sister café Sunset Society, is less known about. With great food and a relaxed atmosphere, it’s perfect to take your parents to. They serve everything from French toast to a full English so you’ll definitely be wanting a bite of everyone else’s food when it arrives. What are parents really for if they won’t share their hash browns with you – it’s the ultimate parental sacrifice.

Boston Tea Party

If you’re missing your dogs (trust me we all are), encourage your parents to bring them to Boston Tea Party, they’re definitely happy to have them at this café. The menu here is pretty great, so regardless if you’re craving sweet or savoury, you should get yourself down there. Perhaps your mum might even treat you to a brunch cocktail!


My mum’s sage uni advice was that carbs are the best way to cure a hangover and Brody’s is definitely one way to carb load. This all-you-can-eat buffet includes pancakes, waffles and all the elements of a British fry-up. Whether it’s to cure your own hangover from a pub night gone wrong or to cure your Dad’s hangriness, this is a bistro that the whole family will be grateful for. Be warned though – you probably can’t eat as much as you think you can, so leave that third waffle for another day and you’ll thank yourself later.


Tucked away by the old city walls, Coffee#1 is not only a good study spot but it’s perfect for a bit of brunch. If you fancy something lighter like a pastry or granola, this is the place to go. Make sure you download the loyalty card app so when you inevitably want to bring your course friends for a coffee catch-up, you’ll be ahead of the game. For now, smile sweetly and hope your parents will treat you.

Tiny Tasting Rooms

The Tiny Tasting Rooms is an ideal place for brunch if you plan to show your parents the cathedral or even after some shopping in the town centre. Serving bagels and toasties, this leans more towards the “lunch” in “brunch” but is definitely worth visiting if you enjoy independent cafés.


What would a brunch guide be without a trusty Spoons breakfast? Now, technically you can take your parents to any of the Wetherspoons pubs but I think it’s safe to say that The Imperial is the nicest to show your parents – save The Chev for pres. Grab yourself the All-day Brunch and sit in front of the big window (which you probably thought was just a mirror if you’ve only ever been at night). Your parents will be thankful that you’re giving them an authentic student experience and with spoons prices, you could even shout them a coffee (how generous of you).

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