You’ve seen our bachelors, now it’s time to vote for Exeter’s most eligible bachelorettes!

Let’s hear it for the girls!


You’ve been nominating your housemates and besties for the past month for Exeter’s bachelorette of the year, we’ve met the boys and now it’s time to meet some of Exeter’s finest women on offer:

Phoebe, Second year, Business Management (@phoeberas)

Ideal date?

My ideal date night would be a Mario Kart tournament!

Where can you be found around Exeter?

I can most likely be found behind the upstairs Old Timers bar!

Three objects you can’t live without?

My Nintendo Switch, my IUD and a good bottle of wine.

Your best pick up line?

Are you a Tiki Fire shot? Cause I want you down my throat!

Megan, Second year, Clinical psychology (@megxn.jones)

Ideal date?

Brunch all the way! But no fancy avocado toast, lots of pancakes!

Where can you be found in Exeter?

I’m usually in Artigiano’s, spending my student loan on my fifth iced coffee of the day!

Give us your best pick-up line:

Do you like raisins? How do you feel about a date? (It’s plain and simple and doesn’t make me cringe quite as much as most).

Three words to describe you?

Bubbly, loyal and adventurous.

Zara, Third year, Accounting and Business (@_zarakarim)

Three words to describe yourself?

I’m a keeper… (if you know, you know)

Where can you be found around Exeter?

In a parking space I never pay for!

Your ideal date?

A cute coffee shop date

What’s a fun fact about Zara everyone should know?

I have an unhealthy obsession with EULFC stash!

Harriet, Second year, Politics and Sociology (@harriet.cowell)

Three things to describe your personality?

Somewhat patchy fake tan, an Urban Outfitters corset and a brutal hangover on a Thursday morning!

Where can you be found in Exeter?

Timepiece – behind the bar working or at the bar on a Wednesday

Your ideal date?

One where he doesn’t make my friend cry and I don’t accidentally go on a date with a girl!

Now’s your chance to have your say, vote below for which one of these lovely ladies you want to be crowned Exeter’s most eligible bachelorette!

There’s still time for you to nominate yourself and your mates for the next round – do it here.

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