If you see these 16 things you’ve officially road-tripped to a boujee Exeter village

3. The converted phone box library

Summer is here: there is an onslaught of white linen trousers, the trains to and from Exmouth are more populated than any of your lectures, and Co-op has almost sold out of disposable BBQs. Luckily Exeter is a city known for its stunning natural beauty – from the university campus being considered a botanical garden to sunset hill, there’s quite literally nature all around. And of course who could forget Dartmoor and the Devon coastline being on your doorstep?

It’s understandable that Exeter students use both their new-found freedom and the local hotspots to take road-trips and explore their new home-town but have you ever looked around and realised it’s actually a little boujee? Here are 16 signs you’ve ended up in a posh Devon village.

1. There is a fresh milk vending machine

I mean you won’t stop at one – it’s dairy not oat milk after all, but still a wholesome sign that you’re knee deep in rural country life.

2. Numerous sign-posts for local farm shops

The closest you’ve been to a farm shop since your family holiday to Cornwall is Gloucester services.

3. Old phone boxes converted into free book swaps

Any English students on said road-trip are gagging right now. And by gagging I mean taking fake candid pictures.

4. £5+ pints

It doesn’t count though because you’re supporting the local community obvs. Plus it’s the nicest pub garden you’ve ever seen.

5. No vapes and/or left-over takeaway boxes on the streets

Nothing screams you’ve left the city like clean pavements.

6. Independent businesses

Usually including an antiques shop, indie music shops, and a posh bathroom or interiors showroom.

7. Cobbled streets with multicoloured houses

*Takes candid film pic.*

8. No other students in sight


9. Converted horseboxes / caravans into bougie foodie takeaways

Again probably paying £10 for a vegan falafel wrap.

10. Posters for wholesome village events

An actual firework night? Open garden events? A flower show? Got to be kidding me.

11. Community pinboards which are actually up to date

Obvs the biggest poster advertising the wholesome village fête.

12. A stand giving out free local newspapers

You’re not quite sure what news could exactly come from this quiet, adorable place but imagine it will soon be announcing the winners of the village fête competitions.

13. A bakery

With artisan sourdough bread, of course.

14. Charity shops which haven’t been ravaged by the Fiat 500 girls

Full of vintage Ralph Lauren – every Exe-tah girlie’s dream.

15. Land Rovers everywhere

It’s not a Chelsea Tractor, it’s a Country Conveyer-belt.

16. Someone uttering the phrase ‘I defo need to come back here with my parents’

I.e “I need to bring someone here with me who can actually afford to have a nice time here.”

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