23 things you can’t help but relate to if you’re mid-dissertation at Exeter

Deadlines are coming, word count is not counting and the stress is very much stressing


The amount of stress that comes from a dissertation is definitely not worth 30 credits. The 9,000 words word count looms over your head worse than the hangover caused by the Venoms you smashed last night. Your dissertation is all you can think about whilst you’re trying to meet your other deadlines, and the drafts you’re being persuaded to write for your supervisor seemed like a great idea until your feedback says about five things on it. If you haven’t got one, I envy you, and if you aren’t doing one yet, just you wait. Here are things we have all experienced in Dissertation season that really put the dead in deadline.

1. Late night library sessions

You know it’s bad when you have to remember to bring your uni card to get into the library. You find the other poor sods, staring at their laptops in their IetsFrans tracksuits that haven’t been washed in weeks.

2. Crying to your supervisor

I am still yet to do this, but its coming close.

3. Feeling stressed when other people have done more than you

You remember why you shouldn’t ever ask.

4. Working in Waterstones or Sunset Society on the weekend

You’re becoming a regular, but the library is too much when you spend all your waking hours there.

5. Your question being changed so much you don’t actually know what you’re writing about

And at this point you don’t care, you just want it done.

6 . Finding pointless readings

I honestly think you read more irrelevant readings than you ever find useful ones and it’s the most annoying thing, ever.

7. Lots of coffee

You may be developing a caffeine addiction. The doses aren’t even affecting you anymore, and they keep on increasing.

8. Not showering for three days

We all pretend that it never gets to four but when all you do is write you feel like you don’t smell.

9. Eating crappy food

You don’t have the energy to cook, potato waffles are your new staple and you don’t know what vegetables look like anymore.

10. Making a dissertation playlist

This is definitely not a way to procrastinate, you seriously need this to concentrate…

11. Overflowing washing basket

You are rewearing your socks from two Thursday’s ago.

12. Your room has never looked worse

You can relate to Ross’ date in the Friends episode The One with the Dirty Girl right about now.

13. Realising that the amount it’s worth is not worth this effort

30 credits and 9,000 words? Let alone the time it takes to research. You have got to be kidding me.

14. You haven’t been to the gym in weeks

And you have no intention of doing it anytime soon, bye bye hot girl summer.

15. You’re now not doing your Masters because you need to get out of this place

Seriously, I actually would prefer a job to this.

16. You’re saying no to nights out

The second years in your society keep outing you to come to socials but they have no idea what’s coming to them. You’re missing the days you’d dress up like an idiot for a night out.

17. You are still drinking half a bottle of wine in the evening though

Mainly just to calm down, I promise…

18. Your washing up has been fully neglected

And those in your house not doing a diss hate you for it.

19. Your friends on year abroad/placement just not getting it

You sort of want to punch them in the face/kind of want to cry to them.

20. All your BeReals are at the library

It’s undoubtedly depressing that these are the only photos you will have from your final year.

21. You want it over with, no matter what grade

You are pretty much beyond caring how good it is.

22. But you’re also aware this is very much the end

Which is a very sad and scary feeling.

23. You’re having multiple existential crises a day

It’s just all a bit much quite frankly x

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