Nominations for The Exeter Tab’s most eligible bachelor and bachelorette 2023 are now OPEN

Every BNOC’s official calling

It’s that time of year again. The competition to be crowned Exeter’s ultimate bachelor and bachelorette of 2023 is now open, so get nominating your favourite social butterflies to give them a chance to win the coveted title.

Tired of a mate bragging about their followers on socials (even though half of them are probably bots)? Know someone who acts like they’re the next Molly Mae just because they *always* manage to get TP Wednesday tickets? And how can we forget people who claim body counts so high you wonder how they have time to go to any lectures?

Whoever it is, nominate them as Exeter’s official most eligible bachelor/bachelorette for that much-needed updated Instagram bio. And yes, you can nominate yourself too – we don’t judge, we applaud.

Quite frankly, dating apps have been giving us all the run around, from bad chat up lines to catfishing, sometimes we just need some irl Exeter Uni fitties to redeem our love lives.

How does it work?

It’s super easy, you just fill in the form below, telling us your/your chosen nominee’s name, year of study, degree, Instagram, and most importantly the reason why they deserve to be crowned this year’s ultimate BNOC.

Reasons can range from anything from outrageous dating antics, ability to always secure TP tickets, or simply a severely needed ego boost following a break up/lack of serotonin.

Fill out the form here:

Or click the link here to fill out the form. Good luck!