The best places to eat pancakes in Exeter as a student this pancake day

PS, a lot of them are bottomless…

An excuse to eat pancakes for every meal, whoever created Pancake Day truly is the patron saint of rescuing depressed students. Whether you’re a crêpe kinda gal, having fallen in love with them during your time working as an au pair in your gap year in France, or just a regular fluffy pancake die hard fan, Exeter has enough options to make everyone happy.

We’ve rounded up the top five places to scran some edible (legal) joy in Exeter as a student:

1. Bill’s

Not only is Bill’s doing a bottomless pancake option, it’s also putting on a bottomless pancake and prosecco deal. It’s all you can eat pancakes all day for just £7.50. You can add unlimited hot drinks from £3.50 or go boozy with that bottomless prosecco from £18.50. Alexa, play Heaven is a Place on Earth.

2. Turk’s Head

A rogue one for sure, but believe it or not, every mullet, signet ring wearing Exeter boy’s favourite date spot / microbrewery is doing unlimited pancakes for £5 from 10 am – 3 pm. Whether you get a pint or not to go with it, we’re not judging.

3. Boston Tea Party

Every year, just for pancake day, every single Boston Tea Party serves two new limited edition pancake flavours alongside its blueberry compote ones and its maple and bacon classics. The flavours are actually designed by the staff across all their stores who all submit their yummiest creations, and the final two get shortlisted by an actual panel of pancake experts (or eaters – ngl I’m very unsure on the difference).

The two limited edition pancakes this year are a Banoffee special (with banana, toffee sauce, dark chocolate, and whipped cream), and a “very berry” special which has strawberry and raspberry compote, white chocolate sauce and vanilla ice cream. They’re served all day from 9-5.

4. Pura Vida

Everyone’s favourite place to run into their ex, Pura Vida is making pancake day special by slashing its prices – all its pancakes are only £5 all day. Winner winner, pancakes for dinner.

5. Brody’s

The original home of the bottomless… Unlimited everything: from waffles to full English – why not mix and match up those toppings – you never know, it could lead to a feature on Hell’s Kitchen.

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