Round up: Edinburgh University’s semester one sporting highlights

A snapshot into some of the university’s sporting achievements and socials

I know what you’re thinking – sports content on the Tab? It’s a scary time. But I felt the time had come to provide some insight into the lives of students who have to get up early on Saturday mornings and have upsettingly good knowledge on the bus routes to Peffermill.

Here is an alphabetised summary of some key clubs who were kind enough to get back to us with some information on their semester one. Is your club missing? Do you feel under-represented? We recommend you get in touch with your publicity secs and perhaps suggest they check their DMs xoxo

EUBC (Edinburgh University Boat Club)

While semester one is largely uneventful for Edinburgh’s boat club, their members have put in plenty of kilometres on the rowing machines and competed in a few races – achieving particular success in Inverness.

A highlight for the club lay in the teams’ trip to Newcastle for the Rutherford head, where results were encouraging, considering they’d spent less time on the water than competing teams, and spirits were left high for the following private fixtures against Durham and Mulsey.

EUCC (Edinburgh University Cricket Club)

Edinburgh cricket enjoyed a phenomenal semester, with a social highlight being their popular annual casino night and notable success amongst both teams and individuals.

The semester got off to a cracking start with the EUCC women continuing their reign as varsity winners against St Andrews. The men’s indoor teams later added to the club’s cause to celebrate, winning 11 out of 12 games played – the only loss being the two’s to the one’s!

EUCC members

Coming up in semester two, the men’s one’s have qualified for the BUCS Championship qualifiers in January and the two’s will head to Sheffield for the BUCS Trophy northern qualifiers.

A final success for the EUCC, was their incredible effort of raising almost three thousand pounds for charity, through both a Movember campaign that saw them third most successful amongst the SU clubs as well as the choice of a few committee members to go Sober for October.

EUCC (Edinburgh University Cycling Club)

Edinburgh’s cycling club saw a major achievement this semester, as they cycled from London to Edinburgh raising just short of ten thousand pounds for Movember in the process.

EUCC members

The club also received a nomination for club of the year in the SU awards and the brilliant acclaim of one member becoming world champion in August at the cycling world champs.

EUFC (Edinburgh University Futsal Club)

The men’s futsal one’s have gotten off to a great start in the Scottish super league, the highest futsal league in Scotland, and are expecting to remain in this arena on the back of impressive results in semester one. While their BUCS journey has not run quite as smoothly, impressive performances on the last day of term against Herriot Watt and Strathclyde saw the championship and BUCS Premier return to their sights.

Men’s futsal members

In terms of the women’s one’s, they have had a mixed experience of the BUCS Premier league, however, they enjoyed a great success against Durham, currently the best UK team. Early training sessions and this promising performance has left the club confident for the rest of the season.

An EUFC summary

A quick mention also to their newly established women’s and men’s second teams that both have good standings in the table and, alongside the social men’s three’s, speak to the expansion of the club!

EULRFC (Edinburgh University Ladies Rugby Football Club)

The ladies rugby club have seen a cracking season as not only the only university club in Scotland to be fielding three teams this year but the first women’s club in Scotland to ever have three teams.

A EULRFC club social

The 1XV has had around 25 debuts across the semester and are currently sitting at fourth in the BUCS National League (the top in the UK) and boasts three of the league’s top try-scorers: Cieron Bell, Nicole Flynn, an Hannah Walker – sitting at 10 each.

As for the 2XV, they have ended the term at fourth in the BUCS Scottish Tier one, the top league in Scotland, with their top try-scorer Melissa Taylor having gotten seven tried in just one game against city rivals, Edinburgh Napier.


Having enjoyed such success, the club has been sure to celebrate with social highlights of a Halloween Lorax social, despicable me joint social with women’s football and a Christmas dinner where even the coaches joined in with karaoke.

EUMHC (Edinburgh University Men’s Hockey Club)

The EUMHC has seen success across the board, with the one’s at third in the Scottish premier league, the two’s looking to go undefeated with 10 for 10 wins in the Scottish regional league one, and the three’s at joint top of BUCS and pushing for the top four in the national league.

EUMHC members on pitch







Additionally, personal mentions must be made for 1s captain Keir Robb who is in the running for player of the year for Scottish hockey, one’s player Jamie Coll who is shortlisted for the SU’s Captain S.T. Garner Trophy, and to the committee members behind supporting campaigns such as Rainbow Laces and it’s in the Bag.

EUMHC members

Their socials, which have found a new home in Ballie Ballerson and Boteco have benefitted from closer bonds between players, team, and club that have come from this year’s efforts to build a stronger community.

EUNC (Edinburgh University Netball Club)

Edinburgh Uni Netball’s eight BUCS teams have had a promising first semester with an overall win rate of 63 per cent across 56 matches and the one’s having maintained an impressive 100% track record. They are also in the lead of the tier 1 BUCS table, with notable mentions going to the three’s and sixes’ who are also at the top of their respective leagues and the four’s and eight’s who are in second place.

EUNC members

As one of the biggest netball clubs in Scotland, their members have committed a combined effort of 20.5 hours a week of training, on top of their fixtures.

EUNC members at a social

Socially, they have made sure to put on a range of sober and drinking socials, with highlights of a beach trip and various potlucks and are really proud of the sense of community that the club has fostered this year.