Seven even more frustrating things only Edinburgh students can relate to

Because there is no end to what an Edi student can complain about

Being an Edinburgh student is lovely and all, but no student life is complete without at least a few struggles. This article compiles seven things every Edi student can relate to – and if you cannot relate to even a single of them, you are either incredibly privileged or never go out of your room.

1. Getting the spotlight in a tutorial

This moment is universal for those students who only talk in the tutorial only when they absolutely need to. Imagine finally mustering up the courage to answer your tutor? Couldn’t be me. Then they hit you with the, “yes, that’s certainly one of the ways to interpret it… However there was something else in the reading I wanted to be mentioned. Can anybody tell me what it is?”

This polite rejection really hits you in the chest. It only gets worse when the people typing on their laptops suddenly stop and glare at you to comprehend the sheer inaccuracy of your statement.

2. That Cowgate intersection on Google Maps

For some reason, Google Maps still cannot accurately explain how you need to go below the bridge to reach Subway.

3. The buses

Edinburgh buses are like relationships; when you wait for one, it never appears. When it does, there are three of them at the same time. Google Maps never knows which bus leaves at which station and the timings are always way off. Sadly you mostly have to rely on your past experience and luck, especially if you are traversing anywhere near Princess Street.

When they say Edinburgh is a really walkable city, maybe they meant it literally because you have to walk instead of relying on buses.

4. The absolute carnage that is going to the Lidl on Nicholson street at about 4:30

Everybody loves the LiDL at Nicholson street. Why wouldn’t you? It has the cheapest prices for surprisingly good quality too! Problem is, EVERYONE knows this fact so the supermarket will get overcrowded, especially on weekday afternoons.

The freshly baked cookies, the 15-pack eggs and 80 per cent of garlic all run out faster than your night in Bongo’s. The most frustrating part is that you can’t exactly gatekeep a store this size, so you have to try your luck and go around evening time when it’s more calm and quiet.

5.  Strikes

We were all waiting on this one. Strikes are more of a double-edged sword. On the bright side, you don’t have to wake up for a 9am tutorial. However, you also won’t get to see and crush on the cute person in your tutorial. Pros and cons.

6. People who leave their stuff in the library to actually sit there for about 35 minutes

Pretty self-explanatory. A specific subset of people come to the main library early in the morning around 7pm, put their belongings to reserve a seat, then go back to their flat for a nap and show up around 1 am. I think the university should introduce a new rule: if a student doesn’t show up after two hours, we get to steal their laptops and sell them on eBay.

7. Getting catfished by the weather

Don’t you just love it when you see beautiful sun rays hit your room? Imagine getting motivated to go outside and bask in the sunset but immediately start regretting it as your whole body starts shivering in the cold. I don’t know how Edinburgh, it’s almost as if they are luring you out with the sun just to torture you.

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