‘Buying things from Billy B café’: Here’s what Durham Uni students are giving up for lent

Whether you’re quitting skipping lectures or quitting attending, let’s see if you can all commit for 40 days


Giving something up for lent may seem daunting… but it may be entirely necessary. For everyone that failed at their New Year’s resolutions, here’s your time to redeem yourself.

The Tab took to instagram recently to find out what Durham students are giving up for lent, and what you responded has taken us some time to digest.

‘My will to live’

Summative season and dark winter afternoons appear to have taken their toll, but there’s a light at the end of the tunnel (despite the ongoing rain). Hint –  it’s this article.

In all seriousness though, don’t suffer in silence – reach out to a number of support services at Durham.

‘Smoking’ / ‘vaping’

Think of all that money you could save! Steer clear of the tempting smoking areas, even if it’s just to socialise, or so you claim. Unfortunately, you might not be as mysterious as usual without that cloud of smoke following you around.

‘Women’/ ‘men’

Durham’s famous 72 per cent culture breeds its fair share of nasty situationships and relationships. This being said, maybe accepting your place in that other 18 per cent is for the best.

‘Diet coke and my caffeine addiction’

When Diet Coke cans look that pretty and coffee smells so good that it’s hard to give it up, you have to remember you can just replace them with another type of drink – matcha or tea is best. Or alcohol, your choice.

A grand total of 21 Red Bulls has been seen in one Durham student’s kitchen

‘The culture of Durham union’

The expensive membership fee has been proven to attract some questionable people. You might just have to stick this one out: Plus, meeting Mel B has to be on the bucket list. Don’t let the toxic culture win!


This is something you should get rid of for health reasons, not for lent. Whoever gave you scabies definitely owes you one … and keep that medicinal cream if you plan on keeping that person around.

‘I would love to say Jimmy’s but that would be a lie’

The honesty is what’s important. I think we’d all love to say Jimmy’s. And Babs. And most clubs in Durham. Maybe everyone should give up shoving for lent instead.

‘Buying things from Billy B café’

Everybody needs a reward when they study, but NOBODY can afford things from the Billy B café. Instead of sending yourself into overdraft, stock up in Dunelm before!

‘Deodorant and showers’

I think for the sake of everyone who encounters you that this is something you should definitely not give up for lent. Stay hygienic, or next lent you’ll be giving up scabies too.

‘My dissertation’

Although you definitely need and deserve breaks … a 40 day break rather than a 40 hour one is pushing it. Besides, I truly believe you’ve got this!

‘Calculating the minimum possible word count’

At least you’re using your maths skills with this one. Give it up and calculate the maximum possible instead: Then you get to serve your essay with a side of syrup, for all the waffle.

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