Ball season’s back! Introducing Durham’s answer to sustainable fashion

A student’s guide to looking both stylish AND supporting a local charity


If you’re a student at Durham, chances are you’ve been invited to an endless number of formals, balls and events that all require you to get dressed up in some sort of black tie attire. Whilst it feels great to wear something new each time, as the list of events grows longer and longer, sometimes the planet (and our student loans) just can’t justify a new frock every time.

The dress rental service offers the perfect cost-effective and sustainable option.

Many of you will have looked into renting dresses from shops such as ASOS or H&M – an option that has become increasingly popular in recent days as these high street fashion brands make hiring clothes more accessible and affordable than ever before.

However, renting dresses online can be such a faff – especially when the inevitable happens. The dress finally comes, you try it on and you realise it’s not quite what you were looking for.

Well, we have the solution. Let us introduce you to Redress.

Photo via @redress_durham on Instagram

Founded by third year student Jess Ward, Redress aims to make formal events more sustainable and accessible for everyone in Durham. It has now become Durham’s largest rental wardrobe, with sizes ranging from UK four to 20.

With hundreds of dresses to choose from, there is truly something for everyone. Not to mention it supports a worthy cause. Half of the money raised goes straight to Moving On Durham, a local charity supporting young people facing homelessness in the Durham area.

Photo via @redress_durham on Instagram

It is an entirely student led campaign that relies on Durham students to provide dresses to build the collection. They also use us Durham gals as models for their marketing and Instagram!

Describing themselves as “a community of passionate young women,” Redress says: “once, you’ve rented, lent or modelled, you are part of our community!” and have now recently expanded to Edinburgh.

Redress are keen to get as many Durham girls as possible involved so be sure to follow the Instagram @redress_durham where you can see all their beautiful dresses, be up to date on the campaign’s activities, and be reminded of their weekly drop in every Sunday evening between 6pm and 9pm!

Redress is the answer every Durham girl’s been looking for. Whether you’re looking for a fun new frock for Fight Night, formals, winter balls or any fancy event you’re invited to, they’ve got you covered. It’s easy, affordable and is making a positive impact on the local community.

Photo via @redress_durham on Instagram

Featured image via @redress_durham on Instagram. 

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