I tried the viral TikTok Milan pasta and this is how it went

Spoiler: it was the best meal of my entire life

Served in a literal cheese wheel, full of creamy, salty, Milano pasta goodness, this pasta dish has been a constant feature to my TikTok for weeks, whether that is because it has actually gone viral or TikTok really does know what I like, I’m not sure.

The restaurant, the Osteria Serafina, situated in the heart of Milan’s beautiful, sunny streets, boasts, ‘fresh pasta made by us’ and perfectly sharp homemade Limoncello, all deliciously appealing. However, it is La Nostra Gricia, that has taken over the tastebuds of tourists and TikTok. Served for a minimum of two people, be prepared as the portions are generous for the 23 euro per person price tag.

Described on the menu, as ‘Brigoli creamed in the form of Pecorino with Crispy Bacon (Guanciale) “Azienda Santoro”‘, this taste of heaven comes served as TikTok promises, at your table by a waiter straight from a carved out wheel of cheese.

There was, as you might expect, a lot of other tourists ordering the same as we were, so be prepared for plenty of videoing and TikToks created of the serving process, after all it is impressive and seems to only add to the great taste further.

However, to nick the phrase from the Italian capital and botch it slightly, ‘when in Milan’, go for it, although it is very salty and creamy, something the staff informed us of upon ordering. This wasn’t an issue at all though.

In this restaurant you do have to order a minimum of two courses, (something I have never seen in practice in a restaurant before, but may be common practice elsewhere), this should not be a problem though as I would pay vast amounts of money I don’t have as a student to try the tiramasu again! Underrated and delicious, it was so light and creamy, with hot hazelnut chocolate sauce poured lavishly over the top, an easy choice for dessert and an Italian classic!

If you are looking for a romantic evening in Milan or a higher end evening meal with friends whilst travelling through or visiting Milan, this is the place to go, and just for the TikTok-trending pasta.

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