Durham Grads are the eighth most employable in the country

You’re leaving uni with a job

In another accolade, Durham has been ranked in the top 10 unis for graduate prospects.

Durham is ranked eighth out of 109 for graduate prospects, according to the Good University Guide, just days after we were announced the fifth best university in the country, providing more confirmation we didn’t want to go to Oxford anyway.

Durham smashed Exeter, LSE, and UCL in graduate prospects, despite being robbed of seventh place by Bath, and being blown out of the water by the usual offenders Oxford, Cambridge, and Kings College.

Even though they placed 17th overall, Birmingham grads somehow have brighter futures that our Durham boys and girls, vindicating the popular phrase “league tables are all bullshit anyway”.

Our beloved university tells us that we are being provided with an outstanding platform for career development, and there is no denying that our unique education and collegiate system is producing grads with original, and quirky experiences which employers so love to see.

Ambitious third year Mathematician, Matthew Kemp explained why he thought Durham grads were just so smashing.

He said: “Durham is good for jobs because you do get a well-respected degree but there is also a culture of wanting to get on – many people get on internships and placements and ultimately seek out the jobs they want.”

From here to employment in three years

Recent graduate Daisy Norman, who begins her grad job at KPMG in 2016, told The Tab that Durham students are driven and intelligent as well as having something a little extra to offer the top employers, such as sports.

She added: “I suppose partly because the university has such a good reputation, but for me it was mostly that everyone else was so driven.

“Once all your friends are applying to internships you don’t want to be left behind so I sort of got my act together. Then I got my job through my internship.

“I guess it’s ranked highly because the people are intelligent but also normal or sporty.”

Sporty and Employable

Clearly a Durham degree really does offer more than an incredibly expensive library card for 10 per cent off at Topshop.

This revelation continues a week long streak of good news for the historic university, where Durham shot up the global rankings by 30 places to 61st, and was named as the fifth best university in the country.