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Bridget Jones’ Diary is fat phobic and none of it has aged well

Bridget’s whole life goal is just to lose weight and get a man. Like what?!

Conversion therapy might be banned on Instagram, but it’s still legal in the UK

We haven’t come as far as you’d think

PSA: Stop telling black people ‘you sound so well spoken’

It’s a microaggression and you need to realise that

‘It’s a problem in the entire industry’: Sex workers on the calls to boycott PornHub

‘They have the money to do better and they need to’

If you’re a white middle class student, please stop talking like a roadman

It’s just embarrassing now

I’ve boycotted porn for seven years, and you need to as well

There is no vetting process for so many of these sites: anything could be uploaded. And it is

You can’t call yourself an ally if you’re dating a boy who’s subtly homophobic

Sorry but if you let him get away with saying ‘that’s so gay’ you’re part of the problem

Africa by Toto is officially over. Stop playing this song at parties

If you use your one song on the aux to play this you’re a narc