An immersive jail-themed bar is set to open in Cardiff next month

Ever wondered what it would be like to smuggle alcohol into prison? Or if the infamous orange jumpsuits suit you? Well Cardiff’s new bar offers you just those things

A one-of-a-kind theatrical experience is set to open in Cardiff this November.

Alcotraz, a prison-themed cocktail bar, has taken TikTok by storm with its unique range of activities.

The opening will take place on 24th November following the success of their bars across England, which debuted in London in 2017.

Much of their inspiration comes from cult American TV shows such as Prison Break and Orange is the New Black.

Alcotraz: Cell Block Nine-One, which will be located in the Brewery Quarter, will have over 40 “inmates” and offer private venue hires for parties and events.

Which activities are available?

Visitors will have the chance to explore the “prison” all while immersing themselves in their roles as convicted criminals by wearing the classic orange jumpsuits.

Before entrance, guests will be given the chance to create their own criminal record to truly commit to the bit.

“Contraband” cocktails will be served by the long-serving inmates, in one of 10 prison cells, once guests have successfully smuggled in their alcohol.

Upon entrance to your cells, there will be an array of characters for you and your friends to interact with. A top tip would be to get on the guard’s favourable side as they’ll give you access to extra rooms to explore!

Where and when can I buy tickets?

Tickets are currently on sale on the Alcotraz website. Prices for the experience start at £33.99 on weekdays and £39.99 on weekends.

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