Area cordoned off as a swarm of bees descends on Cardiff’s St Mary’s Street

Pedestrians were warned to keep away as part of the busy street was cordoned off


A large swarm of bees descended on one of Cardiff’s busiest streets this afternoon, leading to an area needing to be cordoned off.

The bees circulated around St Mary Street’s restaurants and shops, many of which have outdoor seating areas.

According to an onlooker, panic broke out among nearby people as some of the bees, described as “seemingly angry” buzzed around pedestrians in very large numbers.

The southern end of the popular shopping street had to be cordoned off.

A Cardiff University Master’s student who witnessed the incident said: “There was a guy who was drunk or high, and he was swishing them at people

“I was going to take photos but I was too scared because they seemed angry.”

Another witness was concerned for the bees themselves, and expressed hope that the queen bee and colony were removed safely without being exterminated.

Although the bees were cordoned off, they remained on the pavement and have been left to migrate from the area naturally.

Although their presence may be alarming, bee swarms are usually not aggressive, according to WalesOnline, who added that honey bees naturally swarm when they look for a new home. Bumblebees occasionally swarm also, but are best left alone as the insects are “valuable pollinators.”

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