Cardiff SU to ban VKs at club nights as staff complain of clearing up the empty bottles

The VK vending machine will now be replaced with WKDs

Cardiff University’s Students’ Union has announced from after Easter that it will ban VKs from the premises.

This is after SU staff have complained about the amount of bottles they have to clean up on a Wednesday night, when many of them have Thursday 9ams.

This is a big change for the front of Students’ Union club nights as VKs were previously seen as an iconography of Wednesday and Saturday nights.

Previously, Cardiff SU bought more VKs in a year than Scotland as a whole country.

Staff member Alex, a third year maths student said: “I’m glad the SU has listened to us, I get such bad cramp in my hand from having to open all those bottles for five hours straight, when I get home I have to wake up my housemates to massage my hands and they are not happy about this when its 5am in the morning.”

The VK vending machine will be substituted for WKDs instead, and at YOLO, instead of four VKs for £10 it will now be four glasses of orange juice for £10, and an optional £1 extra for a shot of vodka.

Another staff member, Katie who is a second year physics student said: “It’s about time, there’s just so many bottles to clean up and we are all fed up, the bottles are the hardest to clean up, especially at 3am when they all pile up into hard to reach corners, we have enough cleaning up to do as it is.”

April, an English Language student said: ‘I’m so upset, I can’t believe I won’t be able to get VKs anymore, it was the best part of my week.’

Happy April Fools!

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