Cardiff students told us their weirdest fears and some of them might surprise you

We’re sure the mayonnaise is more afraid of you than you are of it

We’d like to be able to say that the students of Cardiff are made of pretty solid stuff and that nothing phases them, but unfortunately this won’t be possible. From pigeons and sauces to Christmas carols and gym encounters, Cardiff students have some rather niche fears and they just keep getting worse.


Birds and anything that flies seemed to be a common one. With those pigeons on Queen Street who can blame them? Maybe take some inspiration from the pigeons, they aren’t afraid of anything.


Sauces were another common answer with the likes of mayonnaise, ketchup, and generally anything sticky and smelly. One of the students who gave us this answer said that their housemates have witnessed many incidences of them gagging whilst trying to wash Marmite off their hands. I mean they do say you either love it or you hate it.


This student isn’t just scared of hairdressers, they are TERRIFIED. To be fair, that scene with Edward Scissorhands traumatised us too but we’re pretty sure he isn’t real. We’ve all been there, though, when the hairdresser asks you if you like your hair and you say yes, only to leave and cry about how much you hate it for the rest of the day.


Not sure how much of a worry this is in everyday life but we can understand this one. Being stuck thousands of metres underwater in a metal box doesn’t sound like our cup of tea either. Just stick to boats and this shouldn’t be a problem?

The SU stairs

Honestly, who isn’t afraid of those stairs? Especially after a few VKs in YOLO, those stairs become much scarier and you’re guaranteed to see someone stack at the end of the night. But hey, what’s a few broken bones when you get to experience the iconic silent disco?

Going down escalators

Not escalators in general, just going down them. The student who gave us this answer said that they can go up them fine but their body refuses to let them go down. Not sure how different this is from walking down the stairs, but you do you I guess. The lift it is for now then.

Seeing lecturers in the gym

This one is oddly specific which makes us think it could have stemmed from a past encounter. We don’t think anyone wants to see their lecturer getting all hot and sweaty (and if you do then please speak to a therapist). If this doesn’t give you an excuse to skip the gym tomorrow then we don’t know what does.

Christmas carols being played in shopping centres

Again, this is VERY specific. The student who gave us this answer said that the Doctor Who Christmas special has scarred them for life. On the bright side, you only have to worry about this once a year…only nine months to go.

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