Cathays man imprisoned woman in his house and threatened to kill himself if she left

He attempted to force the woman to remain in his house by threatening to shoot himself

A man living in Cathays imprisoned a woman in his house on Cosmeston Street and threatened to kill himself if she left.

Kerryn Everett, 31, attempted to force a woman to remain in his house by pointing what appeared to be a handgun at his head and threatening to shoot himself.

Wales Online reports the unnamed woman endured Everett attempting to emotionally manipulate her and multiple attempts to physically restrain her. She and her friend were also physically assaulted by the defendant, Cardiff Crown Court was told.

On the 24th July, the victim had planned to stay at Everett’s home after a night out but according to prosecutor John Ryan, the victim was met at the door by the defendants’ flatmates who started to hurl verbal abuse at her, calling her a “slag” and a “bitch”.

When the victim attempted to leave the property, Everett  “grabbed her shoulders, picked her off her feet and carried her into the house up into his room” telling her that he just wanted to talk. The woman tried to leave again, but the prosecution told the court that the defendant denied the victim’s request and attempted to touch the victim. She told him to stop but he responded by kicking a wardrobe in anger.

He then pulled out a fake gun and held it to his head, saying: “If you’re not going to speak to me, I’m going to shoot myself. I’ve got nothing going for myself, I’m going to kill myself.” Everett then placed the gun in his mouth and laughed hysterically.

Image Credit: South Wales Police

The woman managed to escape the property but the defendant pursued her and once outside, Everett proceeded to punch himself and take his top off shouting: “Look what you made me do.” He then attempted to physically restrain the victim and drag her back to his home.

A friend, who the victim had called earlier arrived at the scene to the victim acting very emotional and being physically sick. Even after the friend arrived, Everett continued to pursue his victim. The friend intervened by pushing Everett away but hit her in the throat.

In the end, victim was left with bruises and swelling to her arms and wrists caused by the ordeal.

Whilst on trial, the court learnt of his previous convictions in which he assaulted a family member by placing their hand over a hot cooker.

Neil Owen-Casey, the court’s recorder stated in court whilst sentencing: “What you have done was controlling behaviour designed to make her subordinate to do what you wanted and deprived her of the means to resist what you were doing and escape from your bedroom.

“You caused distress and fear to an innocent and vulnerable person when you had absolutely no business in doing so. She said she was scared and vulnerable.”

Tim Evans, representing Everett, said his client had apologised to the woman claiming he just “lost control” and that his client was remorseful for his actions towards the victim.

Everett plead guilty and was jailed for 25 and a half months. He was also given a restraining order of up to five years.

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