Here are the Cardiff University graduation dates for 2023

The ceremony dates range from 17 July to 21 July

The graduation dates have been released for Cardiff University students.

Each ceremony will last roughly an hour and a half and take place at 09:30, 12:00, 14:45, and 17:30 each day.

This will be the first normal graduation ceremony since 2019 due to the disruption caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.

These are the dates and times for each school:

Monday 17 July

Ceremony Time School
1 09:30 Medicine UG
2 12:00 Biosciences
3 14.45 Medicine PG (including former PGMDE)


4 17.30 Psychology

Tuesday 18 July

Ceremony Time School
5 09:30 Healthcare Sciences 1
6 12:00 Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences

Optometry and Vision Sciences

7 14.45 Healthcare Sciences 2
8 17.30 Engineering

Wednesday 19 July

Ceremony Time School
9 09:30 Chemistry

Earth and Environmental Sciences

10 12:00 Computer Science and Informatics
11 14.45 Mathematics

Physics and Astronomy

12 17.30 Architecture

Geography and Planning

Thursday 20 July

Ceremony Time School
13 09:30 Journalism, Media and Culture

Modern Languages

14 12:00 Law and Politics 1
15 14.45 History, Archaeology and Religion


16 17.30 Law and Politics 2

Friday 21 July

Ceremony Time School
17 09:30 English, Communication and Philosophy


18 12:00 Business 1
19 14.45 Social Sciences
20 17.30 Business 2

Invitations will be sent out in March and will contain information on the ceremonies and other plans for the day.

Law student Asha said, “I am eager to have my family here for my graduation and give them a tour of the city. Finally, three years of studying law at Cardiff Uni come to an end. I can’t wait to celebrate it with my friends.”

Shivam Yadav from MSc Business Management said, “I am very excited about the graduation. We all have waited for this day after so many torturing assignments and morning classes. My parents are planning to come from India and now as the dates are out I will book the tickets and plan what we can do together.”

As arrangements are finalised and additional details are made accessible, the Cardiff Uni website will be updated.

Those who will not be able to attend in person can also watch it via a live video link.

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