women’s sport

Women in Sport: Strip Off Or Jog On?

MACKS BOUGEARD is fed up of those bemoaning the objectification of sportswomen, whilst KATIE ZINSER insists that we must not sexualise female sport.

Blues Women Win As Varsity Looms

RUTH GRAHAM sees a confident Cambridge Women’s blues side win comfortably at home to Chelmsford City.

Debate: Women’s Sport, Who Cares?

“Let’s face it, women’s sport, on the whole, is second-tier” vs. “People watch sport for the magic of it, for the entertainment, not just for the physicality”.

Women’s Varsity Cricket Build-Up

The Tab previews the women’s varsity match. Featuring an exlusive interview with Ellie Fielding.

Revenge Is Sweet For Women Cricketers

CUWCC avenge their defeat against Durham in bottom table dog-fight

Sexual Inequality in Sport

Women’s sport in Cambridge is underfunded. It’s time the University took action to end this inequality.