student writing

REVIEW: Judge Judy’s Buzz World

Joseph Spencer is confused by this year’s Footlights Harry Porter Prize winner

REVIEW: Panopticon

Hilarious, entertaining and witty – Luke had high expectations of these three experienced Footlights comedy-makers and they failed to disappoint.

REVIEW: Living Quarters

Joanna Taylor thinks this was a darkly funny show which didn’t quite live up to expectations.

Review: A New Musical In Concert

‘How do you make your voice heard in a world that wants to keep you quiet?’ Olivia Hylto is still not entirely sure.

REVIEW: Tristram Shandy: Live at the ADC!

“That verily was bloody brilliant!”

Why I wrote Tristram Shandy for the ADC

WILL DALRYMPLE isn’t convinced that there’s all that much wrong with the student writing scene.

Why I don’t write for the ADC

Willow Wigglesword tells us what’s wrong with the student writing scene

Notes: where biscuits and erotica unite

Notes Magazine: does your relationship resemble a Hob-Knob? Are you more ero-tea-ca than erotica? Get your copy.

The Angel Rails

WILL DALRYMPLE finds plenty to praise in this new piece of student writing.

How Do The Angels Sleep?

HANNAH MARCUS thinks this show is just fine.

The Other Line

SOPHIE WILLIAMS applauds this fantastic play

Mr and Mrs Sparks and the Emperor’s Panda

OLLIE THICKNESSE and CATRIONA STIRLING have great fun with this fast-paced musical.


MADDIE BROWN is blown away by ‘one of the most exciting theatrical endeavours to hit the Corpus Playroom in recent times’.

PACE: although

Obscure Norse mythology and a sexually frustrated car proved a surprisingly enjoyable combination for LEYLA HAMID and CHLOE COLEMAN.


This play doesn’t quite fly with JAMES STANIFORTH, but could take off with a little more thrust.