shelley lubben

Students Give The Porn Supremacy

Students on Thursday voted for porn as a good public service, in a particularly fiery debate at the Union.

Love Survey: The Results Part 2

What do you love more: The Tab, or porn? Funny you should ask…

The Porn Debate: Anna Span

HELEN BRANNIGAN delves into the world of adult film with award-winning pornographer ANNA SPAN. “Ask yourself, why is it wrong to look at people having sex?”

The Porn Debate: Shelley Lubben

TABATHA LEGGETT talks about the shocking truth behind pornography with ex-porn star SHELLEY LUBBEN. “Porn destroys people: both viewers and makers.”

The Porn Debate Shows The Union At Their Best

JACK RIVLIN: ‘Idiots will criticise the pornography debate and its speakers, but it is controversy – in the truest sense of the word – that the Union exists for.’

Exclusive: Union To Host Porn Stars This Term

The Tab can exclusively reveal that the Union will host a debate featuring porn star Johnny Anglais and adult movie director Anna Span. The blockbuster termcard also features film stars, spies, judges and big name politicians.