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Review: Bad Jews

Josh Harmon’s Bad Jews is like forcing the whole Lord of the Rings into a tiny suffocating room.

REVIEW: Footlights Presents: Xylophone

Boundless energy, slick performances and endless variety: The Footlights take us on a journey from A to Z.

REVIEW: Girls Like That

“The problem with girls like that is they give all girls a bad name.” Well not these girls. These girls absolutely smashed it.

REVIEW: Spilt Milk

Ridiculous, witty and funny, Sayana enjoyed her evening in Spilt Milk (although not literally, because that would be gross…).

REVIEW: Yearwalk

Joanna Taylor and Tom Whittaker get pissed, go to the ADC and find out what they get up to in Girton.

REVIEW: Free Fall

Free Fall certainly bridges the gap between funny and dark in a completely captivating way.

Review: Wasted

JOSSIE EVANS is impressed with the slickness and strength of performances in Wasted.

Review: The Francis Bacon Opera

ISA BONACHERA enjoyed this beautiful performance of an unconventional opera.

Female Personality of the Year

OLIVIA BELL is underwhelmed by a promising production that was let down by its pacing

The Angel Rails

WILL DALRYMPLE finds plenty to praise in this new piece of student writing.

Tab Tries Dining With CowsDrinkMilk

BEN DALTON is hungry enough to call upon CowsDrinkMilk to make him Thai Green Curry. The results are delicious in more ways than one.

Lucy Butterfield


Streetspeare Presents Romeo and Juliet

PETER LEGGATT Calls for a plague on one specific house: “This play has a lot in common with a terrible, terrible night at Cindies”