david willets

An Embarrassment For Free Speech

The occupation is a self-defeating and embarrassing strategy. Because, from experience, free speech is something you protect or you lose.

Hands Off Our MAs!

A Labour MP is trying to get rid of Oxbridge MAs, claiming employers don’t know the difference.

The News from the Dark Blues

Its that time of the week again. TIM WIGMORE is back with Obama and promiscuity at Oxford.

Cambridge? That’ll Be 9 Grand Please

A report published on the University’s internal website has recommended charging students £9,000 a year tuition fees.

A-Leveling The Playing Field?

A guide has been published telling students to avoid certain A levels if they want to go to university in a bid to make the system more open.

Willets Wants A-Level “Blacklist”

Uni Minister David Willets has called for all Universities to publish lists of A-Levels they see as soft.