cambridge comedy

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REVIEW: Netflix and Will

A promising first solo show

REVIEW: The Man Presents – More Women

Sticking it to the Man: razor-sharp feminist comedy

REVIEW: Have I Got to Mock the Buzzcocks Ja Vu: A Panel Show Sequel

Dear the Buzzcocks team: us wretched perpetrators of scum and villainy are big fans.

REVIEW: Judge Judy’s Buzz World

Joseph Spencer is confused by this year’s Footlights Harry Porter Prize winner

REVIEW: Five Go Off On One!

More like Uncle QuentWIN.

Review: Wolfson Howler

An atmospheric night of comedy with no weak links

Review: Accidental Death of an Anarchist

Zephyr Penoyre finds the play entertaining, if a little grey

Anthony: A Sketch Show

MEGAN DALTON is thoroughly impressed and endlessly entertained by the surreal comedy of ‘Anthony’.

Hunter Allen – Return of the bathroom

In his latest visual meditation on modern co-habitation, HUNTER ALLEN revisits that bathroom, that toilet and that boat. Keep your eyes peeled on the bathroom – marvelous things will happen.

Dressing Down

NICHOLAS HULBERT is left chuckling long into the night with this quirky Cambridge sketch show.

Edinburgh Review: Footlights in Good For You

RORY ATTWOOD enjoys ‘one of the best amateur/student sketch-shows at the Fringe, but not quite the best’.

Edinburgh Review: The Occasional Students

JASON FORBES: “At times the acting was awkward—sometimes non-existent—and the illusion broken by the odd surreptitious glance towards the audience.”