best comments

Best Comments: Weeks 1-2

A selection of your best offerings. We feel you’ve more more to give…

Best Comments: Exam Term

LAURA DENNEHY brings together some of your best comments for an end of term special.

Sophie Thorpe

SOPHIE THORPE addresses her anonymous commenters in her last ever column.

Best Comments: Week Six

Curry based puns rule the pick of this week’s best comments.

Best Comments: Week Five

A rare symbol is spotted in this week’s Best Comments and Saskia’s mum gets a telling off from her dad.

Best Comments: Week Four

Calum’s mum steps in to defend her son in this week’s pick of the best comments.

Best Comments: Week 3

What exactly is a lad? Find out in this week’s Best Comments.

Best Comments: Week Two

Debate arises over Stephen Hawking’s tipple of choice and the ‘poo man’ battles the ‘pun man’ in this week’s pick of The Tab’s best comments.

Best Comments: Week One

Mark Liu shares his insights on pulling in this week’s Best Comments.

Best Comments: The Summer

Our pick of the summer’s comments, covering everything from Charlie Gilmour’s hair to Anne Boelyn.

Best Comments: Week Eight

Sherlock Holmes and Moriarty battle in this week’s best comments

Best Comments: Week Seven

The week’s best comments featuring appearances from Happy, Grumpy and Sleepy of Snow White fame.

Best Comments: Week Five

This week’s round up of best comments, from why birds to tiddlywinkers

Best Comments: Week Four

Curious as to how Bambi spawned the idea of MILF? Look no further than this week’s best comments…

Best Comments: Week Three

Our weekly run-down of your best comments, featuring the Pitt Club and Mordor.

Best Comments: RAG Special

In the biggest edition of Best Comments ever, The Tab brings you the best of Week 2, Jailbreak participants and RAG blind date entries.

Best Comments: Week One

This week’s pick of the best comments includes lads’ mags’ banter and a suggestion for what TCS should really be used for…