Cambridge stands up to anti-abortionists

Non-violent counter-protesters outside Senate House

We protest Trump – we must support Irish women

I haven’t heard the reproductive rights of Irish students discussed once.

Non-religious, left-wing, feminist, pro-life and proud

Non-religious, left-wing, feminist pro-lifers exist in Cambridge.

I shouldn’t have been aggressively reminded of my abortion at Freshers Fair

Cambridge Students For Life have no place at a fair that’s meant to welcome new students

Pro-life isn’t the end of the world

Co-president of Cambridge Students for Life, XAVIER BISITS, gives his side of the story after their run-in with the Women’s Campaign at the freshers’ fair

On a Point of Information

The only people who should be shut out of a debate are those who haven’t informed themselves, argues TIM SQUIRRELL.

Choose Life

Anna’s already given her verdict on Abort67 but has she got it wrong? Our author argues that the real issue is the outdated, simplistic language and attitudes which cloud the abortion debate.

Complacency and Abort67

On Monday 40 protestors from the anti-abortion group Abort67 set up banners in Queen’s road showing graphic images of aborted foetuses. ANNA ISAAC doesn’t want us to get complacent about exactly what’s at stake.