Here’s how much the average Cambridge student spends on a night out

Let’s find out if your spending is normal

Have you ever wondered if you’re buying too many VKs in Lola’s or jägerbombs in Mash? Do you wince at your bank balance after a “wild” night of Cambridge clubbing, or do you keep to a tight budget?

It’s time to discover if the amount you spend on a night out in Cambridge is normal. Natwest’s Student Living Index for 2023 is now available with all the important information on student expenditure, such as how the average Cambridge student spends on booze and a good boogie.

How much does the average Cambridge student spend on a single night out?

Answer: £30.44

The average Cambridge student expects to spend £30.44 on a night out, a relatively average figure for going out in a student city.

It’s no surprise that the student city with the most expensive night out is London (£36.62), while the cheapest is Lancaster (£23.58).

How much does the average Cambridge student spend on going out per month?

Answer: £24.29

You read that right – the average Cambridge student spends less on going out per month than the expected cost of a singular night out. But is it really a surprise that many Cambridge students are going out fewer than once a month?

The figure is particularly low in comparison to other universities, such as Glasgow where the average student will spend £56.30 on nights out every month.

How much does the average Cambridge student spend on alcohol per month?

Answer: £15.60

This is almost half the student average of £30.96. Cambridge falls second to last, with only Leicester falling below with £14.40.

The student city where students spent the most on alcohol is Liverpool (£52.97).

How much do Cambridge students expect to spend on a pint?

Answer: £5.07

This is the second highest price of a student city pint, falling second to London with £5.51.

However, this figure still appears suspiciously cheap to me. College bars must be included in the average, because I don’t remember the pints in The Eagle or Pickerel Inn being this cheap!

How much does the average Cambridge student spend on clothes/fashion per month?

Answer: £20.14

This isn’t too related to going out, but I thought I’d throw it in for the sidge girlie readership.

With Cambridge falling far below the student average of £33.78, it looks like the Sidgwick site bubble of new skinny scarves every day is not representative of what the average Cambridge student spends on clothes.

I hope these stats have made you feel better (though they have certainly made me feel worse) about your expenditure on Cambridge nights out.

Otherwise, maybe skip the six for six shots at tomorrow’s Rumboogie.

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