The Tab sits down with Stormy Daniels

‘There are more assholes in politics than porn’

Despite expressing her “disdain” for journalists in her talk at the Cambridge Union (we hope that doesn’t extend to us!), The Tab managed to sit down with Stormy Daniels. We chatted all about sex-positive feminism, her new paranormal show Spooky Babes, and an encounter with a certain orange man you may well have heard of.

Let’s not get it twisted, Stormy has been thrust, for want of a better word, into one of the biggest news stories of the 21st century – but what struck us most is just how casually and amicably she takes it all. In fact, she spends much of the interview effortlessly dishing out quips and one-liners.

“There are more assholes in politics than porn,” is her lightning-fast reply when asked about her plans on transitioning into a political career following her current career as an adult performer.

“At least now I get screwed honestly,” she adds, before quickly clarifying that she could “never be in the White House”, but if she were, the first order of business would be “painting it pink”.

If there’s anyone that’s been through the wringer over the last few years, it’s Stormy. Of course, we all know now about her saga of lawsuits against former US President Donald Trump, yielding mixed results, as well as those of her personal attorney in those very cases, Michael Avenatti, who recently pleaded guilty to fraud after being accused of stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars from the book deal detailing that now-infamous Trump encounter.

But now Trump is no longer President and Avenatti is firmly behind bars, Stormy Daniels remains. Does she feel this will be seen as a win for sex workers being taken more seriously in the public eye?

“I do actually. In the thick of it every day, it’s hard to see what I’ve been through,” and “I will just be known as the girl who fucked Trump. There are days that I will never get back with my daughter and friends that I lost. You can’t agree to disagree when you are Stormy.”

She’s also had to compete with the changing face of the porn industry and the rise of OnlyFans and independent creators, although, as Stormy explains, this can come with its own advantages too.

She added: “Selfishly I don’t like [the rise of platforms like OnlyFans] because I don’t get to make the big movies I like making, but it gives content creators more control and safety.”

She came out as bisexual a few years ago, and says, “I like to go to the strip club and get a dance with my friends, but strip clubs are shutting down,” with the rise of platforms like OnlyFans.

In her own words, she may be known by many as “the girl who fucked Trump”, but it’s easy to forget her decades worth of experience as an adult performer and director, as she explains.

“The worst 90 seconds of my life undid all that… But I have taught my daughter that the truth always comes out, so it’s better to make a mistake and own it than make two mistakes and lie about it – we’ve all done things, and people, we regret!”

So what’s her favourite porn scene of all time? She was delighted to answer: “My favourite movie hands down is Wanted; I directed it and starred in it! It was a big Western, my passion project, the most expensive adult movie I made, and the one that won me the most awards.”

She added, “It was brutally miserable to shoot – there were flash floods, a set caught fire, we got robbed, it was 110 degrees, it was the worst experience of my life and the best. Blood, sweat, tears, and a piece of my soul went into that movie.”

So what happens when she gets dragged back into the murky world of politics? She has previously explained that she feels the Republican party best fits her Libertarian views as a sex worker, but would she vote for Trump if he ran again as a Republican? The answer was clear: “Hell no!”

Channelling her inner Michael Corleone in The Godfather Part 3, she adds: “Every time I get away from politics, somehow I get dragged back in.”

So, other than politics and porn, what’s up next for Stormy? Believe it or not, it’s another p-word: the world of the paranormal.

Her show Spooky Babes is coming up later this year, and we might even get to see a glimpse of the paranormal right here in Cambridge, with Stormy adding that she “likes the vibe” of the historic city, which, we must admit, can be pretty damn spooky trudging back home in the early hours after a big night out!

Perhaps you could be forgiven for being a little apprehensive about interviewing Stormy, but we challenge anyone not to be won over by her vibrant and outrageous personality. And even if you still don’t like her, don’t even think about trolling her online, as she explained her ‘no-fucks-given’ attitude in another of her effortless one-liners – “Twitter is my favourite sport!”

All images including feature image credits: The Cambridge Union 

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